APIS Doesn’t Have To Be An Obstacle

In 2005, the current Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) requirements were cemented with the publication of the APIS Final Rule. On the eve of its tenth anniversary, we thought it was important to remember why APIS, which can seem like nothing more than another governmental hoop you have to jump through, is in place. APIS helps those charged with security and border enforcement to better identify potential threats. More importantly, it helps keep your crew, passengers and airplane safe during international travel.

Currently, the United States, CARICOM (Caribbean Community and Common Market) and, most recently, Mexico have implemented APIS requirements. The list of countries considering APIS is growing. We thought the list of flight departments that better understood how to use it should grow, too.

Details, Details, Details

Despite its benefits, there’s no question APIS can, at times, feel like an obstacle. The U.S. has the most stringent requirements, so here are a few things to consider next time you need to submit a U.S. APIS:

  •          Flight Type Matters
  •          Lead Times Vary
  •          Passports Can Be Pesky
  •          Wait For Confirmation
  •          Avoid Fines

APIS Assistance is Available

The regulatory complexities of business aviation are getting worse, not better. That’s why several third-party flight department support companies have taken up APIS submission services to help relieve some of the stress.

If you haven’t considered third-party assistance for APIS, here are a few reasons you should:

  •          Built-in Validation
  •          Stored Profiles
  •          24/7 Support
  •          Reduced Ripple Effect
  •          Global Differences
  •          Relationships

One Simple Trick

Perfection, while the goal of every APIS submission, is often its worst enemy. When working with a third party, you can submit incomplete information well in advance of a trip. They will help you track what information they have, what they need and by when. It’s much easier for a third party to submit a few last-minute details instead of creating a new profile from scratch while a passenger waits to board.

Remember the point above that said that erroneous passport details are one of the, if not the, biggest source of departure delays? Here’s a simple trick to minimize them. Get passport details early in the trip planning process. Don’t wait. That gives your flight department, or third party provider, ample time to vet passport details before the trip.

The key to getting passport information early? Remind passengers that getting passport details to you during initial planning is the most important thing they can do to help ensure they can depart on time.

Jeppesen’s International Trip Planning Services (ITPS) team acts as an extension of flight departments of all sizes in support of international travel, including APIS submissions. We help hundreds of business aviation clients travel to some of the most remote locations in the world—efficiently, predictably, safely and in compliance. Learn more about our ITPS by clicking here or calling +1-877-JEPP-ITP (+1-877-537-7487).


A New Level of Compliance Care

The always-evolving world of compliance in business aviation operations is more complex than it has ever been, and the signs are that it will only get more so. To ensure our flight department clients are operating within the myriad regulations impacting global flight, Jeppesen recently assigned Kate York the responsibility of regulatory oversight for its customers.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Kate also lived part of her life in La Paz, Bolivia. She is uniquely attuned to the cultural differences and regional regulations that exist around the world. Kate received an Aviation degree from San Jose State University and has worked at Jeppesen since 1992. She has held various positions within Jeppesen including supervising the International Trip Planning Department. Her passion for training led her to create an advanced training program at Jeppesen, which she continues to help enhance. However, her personal and professional experience also make Kate the best choice to ensure our clients are operating within regulations, no matter where in the world they are flying.

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