April 23, 2020

Avidyne IFD 500/400 series – New Offer

New Bundles: Charting and Navigation – for single and dual units

We have two new offers for you, in case you have:

  • Either 1 unit: 1 x IFD 500 series
  • Or 2 units: 2 x IFD 500 or 1 x IFD 500 plus 1 IFD 400 series.

Apart from this, we have other bundle offers, in case you have 1 or 2 units IFD 400 (and you need only “Navigation”) or in case you have also EX500/5000 series units and IFD100 app and need “Navigation & Charting” – please, get in contact with us.

Our IFD 500/400 bundles combine “Navigation” (Navigation Data & Obstacles) and charting. Please have a look on the coverages map, select the coverage that fits your flying needs best and provide your tail number, make and model.

European pilots have the following charting options:

  • Europe VFR only
  • Europe IFR only
  • Europe VFR & IFR

European IFR pilots also flying to neighboring continents, like Eurasia or Africa or Middle East should take advantage of the coverage “EMEAI.”

European IFR pilots flying “Trans-Atlantic” can benefit from the coverage “Europe-North America”.

Available coverages Include:

EMEAI = Europe, Middle East, Eurasia, Africa

APAC = Eurasia, Middle East, Pacific

Prices for 2020 Include:

(Prices in the right column are without VAT, in the left column with 7% VAT for German customers )


5 comments on "Avidyne IFD 500/400 series – New Offer"

  • Sigurd Reinton says:

    I see that the price for the Avidyne bundle with 2 units is now €1,052 for Europe IFR & VFR.

    Yet we were invoiced €1,426.81 (invoice 420382270) to renew our subscription from 10th May 2020 for a year – after applying the AOPA 15% discount.

    Could you please explain?

  • SARCIAUX says:

    Hello, I have only one unit IFD 440 and a garmin 530 Waas, have something interesting in term of Charts option for VFR & IFR for France and country near.

    Best regards

    Jean-Yves SARCIAUX

  • Rudolf Zeiss says:

    Dear Sir ,
    I would like buy 11159029 VFR Europe for my Avidyne IFD 400 series

  • Keith Edgecomb says:

    One IFD-540, Full USA coverage, 111571915 Tecnam P2002, N125LS

    Am presently using your database service.

  • Michael Hinton says:

    Hi There — I wanted to buy bundle avidyne 500 series full usa – ifr $ 599.00 charts,nav, and obstacles. does this include the bahamas vfr charts, ifr charts. and info ? Michael Hinton 838pg

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