Caribbean Travel Checklist

Even if you’re a veteran at flying into and out of the Caribbean during peak season, here is a quick checklist to help your trips go as your customers/passengers envision:

  1. Plan ahead, have back-up plans and be flexible.
  2. Request aircraft parking immediately and provide your flight schedule to ensure a good parking location.
  3. Arrange for fuel in advance and provide the amount of fuel to be uplifted. Be clear on payment terms and fuel the aircraft upon arrival.
  4. Book hotels once airplane reservations are confirmed and be aware of cancelation policies.
  5. Don’t wait. Book ALL transportation with rental car and third-party transportation companies.
  6. Ensure the proper pet documents are completed—and onboard—for the proper country/island destination.
  7. Double-check that all customs arrangements— eAPIS/CARICOM—are submitted and approved.
  8. Catering requests made upon arrival will be too late. Make them now.
  9. Communicate any special requests — such as passengers connecting to a commuter or charter aircraft, yacht or ferry to another island location—to key parties before departure to the islands.
  10. Confirm that crew and passengers have all the proper travel documents (like passports and visas, if required) in handwhen boarding the aircraft.

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