October 17, 2019

Check out the latest Avidyne IFR Nav Bundles – “Single” and “Dual”

We are now offering new options for Avidyne Avionics in a variety of bundles for pilots having one or more IFD 400 / 500 Series Avionic units. Bundle options include:

  • Navigation only
  • Navigation plus charting
  • NavData or Obstacles or Terrain as single solutions

Any of these Avidyne bundles can be purchased for single or dual units. This includes updated services for:

Bundles with navigation and charting for single and dual units will be announced at a later date.

Annual subscription prices are listed below.

To request an Avidyne bundle, please contact us at fra-services@jeppesen.com.

If you have a mix of avionics from multiple suppliers, please contact us and we will provide you customized solutions options.

Additionally, new coverages will be rolling out soon, so keep an eye out for news regarding the following updates in future issues of the General Aviation Newsletter.

  • Europe VFR
  • Europe IFR & VFR
  • Transatlantic (Europe & North America)

2 comments on "Check out the latest Avidyne IFR Nav Bundles – “Single” and “Dual”"

  • Valiera Andrea says:

    I’m Buying an Cirrus SR 20 with 2 Garmin 430W and Avidyne Entegra EX5000 C-Max equipped .
    I’ll need an IFR VFR coverage .
    Please What do you suggest me ?
    Can I have a yearly quotation ?

  • Hermann K. Kuhn says:

    bundles are good but could be better.
    Europe IFR plus Europe VFR ist important.
    For Avidyne installations the MFD with Nav and Charts shoukd be included.

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