Consider a Partner for Your Next International Trip


Think about your last home improvement project. Maybe you replaced a light switch, unclogged a sink, patched a bit of drywall or simply mowed the lawn or shoveled the driveway (check your local forecast). The project was simple, low-risk, and you likely had all the tools you needed.

But what if you’re faced with refinishing your basement or significant landscaping? Even though you could probably figure it out on you own, you call professionals. Why? The project complexity goes up, along with the risk of failure, and you’ll need more tools than you have.
Fly Global. Act Local.

The same is true when preparing for an international trip. Yet, despite a knowledge base that manages complexity, access to all the right tools, and the ability to minimize risk, many don’t think to call a professional dispatcher and/or international trip planner when flying abroad. After all, you plan domestic trips in your sleep. How hard can planning a global trip be?

If you’re new to global travel, or only take the occasional international trip, here are a few reasons to consider help from an international trip planner and dispatcher on the next flight out of your comfort zone.

  • Time and Focus—Your job is to ensure that the right people, airplanes and crews are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there. Do you have time to study what the change in a particular European government means for an upcoming trip? How about which Middle Eastern nations are better fuel stops than others? Are you able to monitor volcanic activity and know its potential impact on your trip? A good ITP and dispatch partner is monitoring these situations, and so many more, with the knowledge of how they may or may not connect to your next trip. That’s what they do, allowing you to focus on what you do.
  • Flexibility—There’s a great deal of responsibility moving executives, multi-million dollar airplanes and flight crews safely and efficiently around the world. Many flight operations aren’t comfortable handing over trip planning and dispatch duties to someone who doesn’t understand their culture, equipment and operating philosophies/rules. A good ITP/dispatch operation knows this and takes the time to get to know you. Then, they’ll offer options that allow them to supplement your operation in the manner that’s best for you. Have them perform the tasks that make sense for your trip—it could be anything from one very specific part of the planning or ground logistics, to the entire journey. Their approach should be focused on understanding your needs, tailoring their services and ensuring you remain in control.
  • Experience—You’ve seen firsthand the difference between what the textbooks and manuals say and what really happens in the air or on the ground. When it comes to things like EUROCONTROL validation, geo-political impact, overfly and landing regulations, airport suitability, global weather patterns, customs, etc., you can go with what the websites, guides and circulars say. Or, you can benefit from the real-world experience that can only be gained by people who have planned and dispatched countless global trips.
  • Relationships—A good international trip planning/dispatch service knows the most trusted organizations to keep you moving around the world. A great one knows the people inside those organizations (customs officials, ground handlers, fuel stop managers, ground transportation drivers, caterers, etc.) and has with worked them one-on-one on behalf of its clients over the years. And, should the trip not go as planned, a reputable organization can combine their relationships and clout to facilitate quick resolution much better than any one flight department can.

Get the Big Picture

The right international trip planner and dispatch partner will give you a global perspective tailor-made for each trip, provide options and advice that give you confidence/control of key decisions and frees you up to focus on your passengers, airplanes and crew. Next time your’re flying internationally, consider partnering with Jeppesen International Trip Planning Service (ITPS). You may find the experience worth its weight in gold…or euros, dollars, rupees, drachmas or yen.


Through its International Trip Planning Service (ITPS), Jeppesen leverages decades of international trip planning and dispatch experience across thousands of trips for hundreds of clients. Combined with its Part 121 certified dispatchers, flight departments of all sizes, with varying missions and destinations, trust Jeppesen to help facilitate worry-free global travel. You can, too. Learn more by clicking here or calling (800) 553-7750.

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