March 23, 2020

COVID-19 Updates – Customer Attention

Related to the very dynamic and escalating situation in all countries we serve, we would like to make you aware of the following information:

  1. European Jeppesen offices:

Contacting us by phone and email remains available. Please, do not send faxes to us, as we cannot guarantee that there is staff to collect it from fax machines as locations could be closed by government or company order.

  1. Virtual Products and Services:

Orders that do not have physical shipment are currently being fulfilled as usual. Please be aware that tool connections and interactions might be much slower, and that order fulfillment might be delayed.

  1. Physical Shipments:

Orders with physical shipment may not be possible to send related to staff and country entry limitations as quickly as might normally be expected.

  1. Qualified Resellers and Dealers:

Most of our dealers will have either open shops or at least communication channels to serve you. Please visit their internet pages or contact them in person. In the event you want to order from a dealer, please contact the dealer first regarding shipments and ask whether your product is in stock.

  1. Jeppesen and Boeing Web Store:

All physical products placed on our new web shop are located in the United States. Related to the COVID-19 situation, shipping may take longer than usual.

  1. Technical Helpdesk:

Currently, our technical support is still available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Just dial +49 6102 50 82 70.

  1. Financial Department:

Concerning Payments:

  • Please do not send us faxes with your credit card information (see point #1).
  • We encourage you to use our new web shop and the “pay invoice”-button on the first page at: or pay via bank transfer (info at the bottom of the “(renewal) invoice”).


We will try to fulfill them as soon as possible through our financial department.

  1. Events: As you may already be aware, the AERO 2020, Friedrichshafen, event is postponed. Please, stay tuned to this Newsletter for further event information updates.

We, your Jeppesen Sales & Services Team, wish you good health and clear skies for a wonderful 2020 flying season!

One comment on "COVID-19 Updates – Customer Attention"

  • Charles Drayson says:

    For most of us pilots who fly GA, we are now effectively prohibited from flying for the foreseeable future. Will Jeppesen consider making adjustments to the normal fees to take into account the period that we cannot use the subscriptions?

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