March 12, 2021

EASA Syllabus 2020 – Release of Updated Commercial Product Portfolio

EASA Syllabus 2020 – Release of Updated Commercial Product Portfolio

As communicated by the official EASA Executive Summary:

This Decision contains the updated Learning Objectives (LOs) for the theoretical knowledge syllabi and ground school examinations and introduces the threat and error management (TEM) concept and its application. The updated LOs correspond to today’s operational environment and ensure that commercial pilots are equipped with the knowledge and understanding relevant to modern flight deck and current industry needs. The updated pilot training will contribute to the overall enhancement of the pilots’ core competencies and their ability to make informed decisions.”

Explanatory Note to Decision 2018-001-R.pdf (

According to the EASA regulation (1178/2011) the EASA ATPL(A) 2020 and its derivatives are available in Boeing Learning Solutions.


We are happy to announce that all commercial product licenses have been updated according to the EASA Syllabus changes. Training organizations can now train their cadets with the new product series of ATPL(A), CPL(A), IR(A), CBIR and EIR alongside with the existing syllabi.

The transition period will officially be terminated in June 2022, with the last roll-out of final examinations following the precursor syllabus being scheduled.

We do not believe in memorizing questions – we believe in a proficient learning concept.

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More information about the syllabus changes can be found here:


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