FRM News Flash – November 2020

General Availability of BAM3, Available Now!

BAM3, the new improved version of BAM, is as of now available in CrewAlertConcertJeppesen Crew Pairing, Rostering and Tracking. The model is also available for integration in third party applications as a stand-alone library for a wide range of architectures. Release notes are provided through the service organisation, so please contact your Jeppesen service manager or reach out directly to the Scheduling Safety team via email.
BAM3 contains important improvements to the algorithms for predicting alertness, acclimatisation and sleep/wakefulness especially useful in larger time zone transitions, but also a number of additional improvements. BAM3 retains the extreme performance capability of BAM2, required for being consulted in real-time by industry-strength optimisers that solves extremely challenging crew planning problems.
David Karlsson, Senior Mathematical Modelling Expert at Jeppesen, comments: ‘A long wait is now over. BAM3 is a significant step forward in prediction accuracy and we recommend all customers not already in the process of doing so, to upgrade sooner rather than later’.
Not a Jeppesen FRM customer yet? Please contact us here and we would be happy to arrange for a demo. Welcome. 

Jeppesen Crew and Ops Conference 2020

The Jeppesen Connect Crew and Ops Users Conference 2020, became quite a success! We adapted to our new circumstances and hosted a 3-day virtual conference where we collaborated with our global crew and ops customers to share information and learn  

We were fortunate to have SAS, Cathay Pacific, Delta, IndiGo, Swiss and Edelweiss all sharing their experiences with various Jeppesen Crew and Ops solutions which enabled them to react quickly, adapt smoothly, and begin recovery since the onset of COVID-19.

Thanks to all who participated and contributed to the success of the virtual conference. We look forward to seeing you all soon, hopefully in person!

New COVID-related Resources for Fatigue Risk Management


The IFALPA HUPER Fatigue Management Working Group has provided some initial recommendations for operators and crews to consider whilst managing the risks of fatigue during the current operating environment. Please find their ‘position paper’ here.
EASA Together4Safety has during October published a document called ‘The Fatigue of Aviation Personnel in the Context of COVID-19’  which you can download via this link.
Finally, IATA just recently published their first edition of ‘Guidance for managing crew fatigue during a crisis’, which you will find here.


CrewAlert is dead! Long live CrewAlert!

The ‘king’ of personal fatigue risk management apps, CrewAlert, passed away quietly a couple of weeks ago after a full decade of presence on the Appstore. CrewAlert, in the Pro and Lite versions as you have come to know it, is no longer actively promoted and sold on Appstore. Instead, after a long period of refactoring to comply with Apple guidelines, we are now launching a new app that is called… wait for it…wait for it… CrewAlert!
The new CrewAlert app contains the updated BAM model, BAM3, and all the features you are used to. However, the more advanced features, such as analysis mode, scenarios, roster import, fatigue mitigation strategies and fatigue reporting etc., will only be available on a subscription-basis for a monthly fee from now on. This change will enable us to put more adequate resources behind the development of apps going forward. Onwards and upwards with CrewAlert into another decade. 
The new CrewAlert is in review with Apple and will within short be found in the Apple Appstore for all major markets.

Interview with Peter Andersson

Peter Andersson, our Managing Director and Crew Portfolio manager, well known by many of our customers after his 19 years with the company, has decided to move on to become the CEO of a Stockholm-based IT company as of January. Tomas Klemets, Head of Scheduling Safety and reporting to Peter, decided to ask him some tough questions.

So, Peter – any connection between the hardships in aviation right now, experienced during the pandemic, and you ’bailing out’?

– Ha-ha, I’m definitely not ‘bailing out’, as I’m sure you know. I’ve been with Jeppesen for a very long time, through thick and thin. I actually live in Stockholm and this just happens to be an opportunity for me that came up a while ago, and was too good to turn down. I am definitely going to something challenging and new, rather than away from something.
Staying with the pandemic for a moment, what is your take on the current state and future of the aviation industry?
– This is indeed an extremely challenging time. I’ve been through, just like yourself and most of our customers, the 9/11-disaster, ash-clouds and financial downturns, but the impact of this pandemic goes far beyond all of those. It is truly heart breaking to see the hardships for the industry right now but I’m confident this will turn around into true and lasting recovery. I think there is reassurance in the fact that personal meetings will continue to be essential for humanity to lower barriers, provide perspective, build bridges, enable trade, and enrich our experiences. I hope and believe that many companies and individuals will come out stronger from this in many ways.
And how do you see the need for optimisation of crew and network resources in the future?
– It will always be there. Also now during the pandemic, despite limited flying going on, we do see our solution differentiators being crucial to our customers. The flexibility and ‘what-if’ capabilities, combined with speed, is still very valuable and a necessity for most. The planning problems will continue to be extremely challenging, and just as a chess computer can provide good resistance to most of us, computers will continue to enhance and extend our minds also after the pandemic – with experienced humans of course pointing out the direction and setting the priorities. Many planning problems will be smaller during the coming couple of years, but perhaps even more complex than before due to new constraints and a constantly changing business environment.
Thank you for those reflections. And looking back on your nineteen years in the company, what are your strongest and most fond memories?
– The people of course; our amazing customers and employees. The amount of passion, enthusiasm and can-do attitude oozing from both of these groups, often when faced with solving the most impossible problems, is truly inspiring. That ‘lean forward’ attitude to problem solving is something I will always cherish and take with me. I also have wonderful memories from my time working abroad in Montreal and Singapore, and of course from travelling world-wide meeting customers at some amazing locations. The Jeppesen Crew ‘community’, manifested perhaps most clearly twice annually at our Development Partners meetings and Connect conferences, comes to mind. It has been fantastic to see the amount of collaboration and information sharing that takes place between operators, even cross alliances, all acting as one big ’family’. Conferences that I hope and believe we… sorry, you, will soon again be able to travel in to and experience in real life, not just via computer screens.
Thank you Peter. You will stay active with us up until 1st of January, but there may not be any more interviews in this form. Any final thoughts to share with the Jeppesen staff and our customers?
– Just an enormous thank you from my side for all the great times shared and some amazing collaboration over the years. It’s been truly inspiring and very rewarding to work with you all. I will continue, from a far, to follow the development of Boeing, Jeppesen and our customers with great interest and hope to remain in contact with many of you on a personal level. Best wishes, stay strong, and stay safe.

Thanks again Peter, and best wishes in your new endeavours!

Peter Andersson will move into his new position, outside Jeppesen/Boeing, on 1 Jan 2021. His Crew Portfolio role will be filled by Johan Kollind, a strong long-time leader at Jeppesen very well known within the Jeppesen customer base and the wider crew management domain.

Sleep and Mental Health Amidst a Pandemic

Sleep Cycle, with millions of users worldwide, has built up what is likely the world’s richest repository with data reflecting global sleep habits. They recently looked at sleep from over 33 million nights of data, and heard back from over 69,000 global app users on how their daily routines, mental health and sleep have changed during the pandemic.
Please find via this link, on their web site, a very interesting report of their findings from this data. The report looks at the effects on time spent outdoors, exercising, with technology consumption, feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety, as well as difficulty falling asleep. Enjoy.

Changes Coming to the FRM News Flash

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As always, you will of course be able to easily opt out of receiving these emails. We hope to keep you as a subscriber and will continue striving to keep you up to date with news about operators, products, market events and science.  We will continue to provide ‘food for thought’ and new insights on FRM and crew management. 

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