FRM News Flash – October 2019

Aegean Airlines Apply Optimization and BAM

Aegean Airlines, member of Star Alliance and awarded best regional airline in Europe 2019 by SKYTRAX, has decided to use Jeppesen Crew Pairing optimization and the Boeing Alertness Model. Aegean is the flag carrier airline of Greece, operating scheduled and charter services with 49 aircrafts out of the main hubs in Athens and Thessaloniki.

”We acquired solutions from Jeppesen primarily because of the flexibility and the value enabled by RAVE and advanced optimization technology”, says Nikos Panagiotopoulos, Operations Manager at Aegean Airlines. “In an increasingly volatile environment with ever-changing market needs and constraints, we wanted to strengthen our capability to quickly evaluate different options and re-plan our production to become as efficient as possible, whilst providing good working conditions for crew.” 

Andy Smith, Sales Director at Jeppesen, adds: “We welcome Aegean to the family of airlines using Jeppesen crew solutions, and wish to thank them for their professionalism and confidence in us as their supplier and look forward to working together during the implementation project.” 

Please find here more information about RAVE, Jeppesen Crew Pairing and the Boeing Alertness Model.

Research Into Pilot Wellness – Please Consider Assisting

It goes without saying that healthy and motivated pilots and cabin crew are critical to aviation safety. Looking beyond only fatigue risk alone, there are a multitude of factors impacting health and motivation such as work-related stress, limited influence over work content and working times, unorthodox working hours or leave/rest periods, frequent late changes to the rosters with negative impact on spare time and recovery, and so on. All in combination with extensive responsibilities and high expectations for efficiency and punctuality.

The research into the work environment, assessing the ’current state’ as well as the trends in industry, is therefore of high importance – especially now when more and more operators perceive a need of ’pushing the limits’ in terms of crew utilization.

Trinity College is currently leading research into this field aimed at promoting and maintaining wellbeing for pilots. They recently published some initial results in a paper called ’Interventions to support the management of work-related stress (WRS) and wellbeing/mental health issues for commercial pilots’ *, paid download found here.

If you are a pilot, and agree this work is important, please consider assisting their further research by filling out their survey in the Pilot Wellbeing Study. Thank you in advance for your help!

* Cahill, J., Cullen, P. & Gaynor, K. Cogn Tech Work (2019)

New CASA Rules and Video

CASA recently finalised the updated regulation for FRMS for the Australian based operators. They put together the video below on the topic, aimed at increasing the awareness of fatigue risk.

Done Staring at Outliers?

…and ready for quantifying and monitoring something much more meaningful?

The first operators have now started their data collections using CrewAlert TOD. The app is available both in the Appstore and in the Google Play store, free of charge. We now welcome operators, unions and regulators to perform large-scale data collections of something that goes far beyond collecting only fatigue reports which are known to under-report risk and not being representative.

CrewAlert TOD can not only be used for large-scale continuous monitoring and identification of fatigue risk trends, benchmarking risk levels to industry averages, but also for correlation of fatigue-, and alertness-, levels back to roster KPIs when using Jeppesen Concert.

The extra workload for participating crew is minimal, which makes it easy to create a continuous data flow, even a standard operating procedure, for scoring crew sleepiness levels regularly. Take a look at the information sheet used for participating crew here.

Please contact us over email for more details on how to get started – and for an eye-opener regarding the real fatigue risk within your operation.






We’re Hiring to Gothenburg

Our office in Gothenburg, being the centre of excellence for Crew Management Solutions, continues to grow. We are now over 400 passionate professionals in this location and we are in constant search for additional talent. Right now we have more than ten open positions. Wecome to explore them here.





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