August 17, 2020

Garmin GX-Series sunset and alternative options

Garmin has announced that the GX-series (former Apollo) will be discontinued in early December 2020. Unfortunately, this means that Jeppesen will no longer be able to offer NavData services for the GX50, GX55, GX60, GX65 and 2101 GPS units. But, we would like to make you aware of our service options for other Gamin systems.

The final update will be cycle 2013, with an effective date of 03 DEC 20 and an expiration date of 31 DEC 20.

Some possible replacement options from Garmin include: GPS 175, GNC 355, GNX 375, GTN 650/750 Xi series.

For the GX-series we only could offer you: NavData
For the other units we can offer many more data options (depending on the unit):
• NavData
• Basemap
• Obstacles
• Airport Directories
• Safe Taxi
• Terrain

And soon, for some units, we will offer the IFR Hi/Low Raster Enroute and VFR Sectional Charts.

For the GX-series we only could offer you the coverages Americas and International.

For the other units we can offer a variety of coverages, depending on the data service type. For helicopters, coverages are available for NavData, Obstacles and Terrain.

For the GTN series, we also can offer you price-reduced bundled services, including either all navigation data services or all navigation services plus charting.

Please find some examples with focus on Europe in the price table below.

To get your individual offer related to your needs, also for other geographical coverages, please contact us anytime at

GA NL 2020 AUG_GX_price-table

Prices are 2020 prices in Euro and subject to change. Local VAT will be added.

For more information related to data services for these Garmin units, please visit following links:

GPS 175               GPS Navigator                                                                   

GNC 355              GPS Navigator with Comm                                              

GNX 375              GPS Navigator with Transponder (ADS-B “in” and “out”)

GTN 650 XI         GPS Nav / Comm                                                              

GTN 750 XI         GPS Nav Comm                                                                 

One comment on "Garmin GX-Series sunset and alternative options"

  • Marcos Diaz says:

    Would you please disclose the database format (or provide the database application used to read/write the data) for user based updates on the pcmcia card?

    This would legally allow its use for VFR flights. Otherwise hundreds (possibly a few thousand) perfectly operational units will be trashed.

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