February 12, 2020

Check out new improvements on the Jeppesen store

Have you checked out the Jeppesen online store lately? We’re working hard to improve your experience there. Below are some recent improvements:

Ready to renew?

When you are ready to renew your subscription or pay your invoice, you can find the pay invoice button prominently at the top of the home page. Visitors can log in to see all of their open invoices, or select “pay without logging in”, which allows third-party individuals to make a payment on your behalf by providing an account and invoice number.

Need a quote first?

Pro-forma requests are now available online as well. Simply visit https://shop.boeingservices.com/shop/payproforma.

Looking for databases?

Databases for Garmin and Avidyne devices are now available online. We will be adding more devices and bundles over the coming weeks. Click here to log in and shop: https://shop.boeingservices.com/shop/databases

We are continuously working to improve your online experience. We want to know how its working and welcome your comments and suggestions for future improvements.  Drop a note in the comments below.

Save time, go online! https://shop.boeingservices.com/

One comment on "Check out new improvements on the Jeppesen store"

  • Berry Fennis says:

    After having used Jeppesen products for more than 50 years, I alas have to say goodbye to Jeppesen.
    I tried ForeFlight, but found it not suitable for my flying “adventures”.

    So good luck and good bye.


    Berry Fennis
    Beechcraft D18S, DC-3, DC-7, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, Boeing 747, ATR-42, Gliders, Single engine GA, Microlights and Light Sport Aircraft.

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