March 12, 2021

LBA – Official Statement regarding the theoretical examinations aligned with the updated product portfolio

“With the new Syllabus the LBA will only offer examinations for ATPL, MPL, CPL, IR, CB-IR, BIR in English as of 01.Aug 2022. National licenses (like Flight Dispatcher, Technician, BPL and PPL are not affected)”

In accordance with the official statement from the LBA (Luftfahrtbundesamt), content products following the amended EASA 2020 syllabus structure will only be available in English language.

This statement will cover all distance learning products as well as content products for self-learners distributed through our retail network.

Luftfahrt Bundesamt – Theoretische Prüfung – Theoretische Prüfungen für Luftfahrtpersonal ab August 2022 nur noch in Englisch (

End of Product Lifecycle

With the end of 2020, the EXAM Net Professional product will approach its end-of-lifecycle.

With continuous commitment and diligence, the team has implemented outstanding features and capabilities that allow Boeing Learning Solutions to take care of your needs from January 2021 onwards.

Questionnaires and test examinations on demand or on ad-hoc basis?

Boeing Learning Solutions will deliver proven quality in preparing your students for the official authority examination. 




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