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Boeing Learning Solutions provides industry-leading theoretical content and examination delivery solution for training pilots and maintenance engineers.

It is the market leading integrated product suite and modular software solution for ATOs.

With Boeing Learning Solutions, you are able to efficiently administer ground school theoretical training (ad-hoc assignments and scheduled content publications), manage and schedule assets (aircraft, classroom infrastructure and personnel), and manage your flight training activities with tablet-based record-keeping.

Below you will find several video clips that show key functionality within Boeing Learning Solutions.

Self study capabilities
Our ab-initio learning content, interlinked with an extensive question database, can be used for self-study, ground school and distance learning – or a combination of all of them.





Managed learning capabilities
The Academy Management System within Boeing Learning Solutions is modular software designed to simplify operations and learning activities through a controlled learning environment and content delivery portal.

Boeing Learning Solutions enables remote learning, anytime, anywhere, even without internet connectivity. Any training progress done offline is then synchronized once a connection is established.

This will help cadets to support their time management and help to offer a flexible training schedule.




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