February 12, 2020

Now Supporting the New Garmin GI 275

Jeppesen now supports data services for the newly announced GI 275 avionics. The services can be purchased individually, “a la carte,” or in one of our GTN PilotPak bundles.

Available data services include:

  • NavData
  • Obstacles
  • SafeTaxi
  • Basemap
  • Terrain

The aircraft configuration includes up to six devices, however only four devices will support Jeppesen data updates while the two remaining are used as radio units. One purchased data subscription supports all GI 275 devices per tail. For example, having two or more GI 275, the price for NavData “Central Europe” is always: 67,00 Euro plus local VAT. Data is updated via USB device.

System ID:

Along with your order, please provide the System ID, as this is a Garmin requirement. It will be the same System ID for all your units. Should you choose to order the GI 275 updates within a GTN bundle, please be aware that each GTN unit has its own System ID in addition to the System ID for all GI 275 units.

Prices for “a la carte:”

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