October 29, 2020

Refined User Experience/Interface and Technical Updates

We’re constantly upgrading the many features and functions that Boeing Learning Solutions delivers. Check out the latest enhancements.

User Experience and Interface Updates

Several changes to the interface layout have been introduced to allow for easy navigation and improved user experience.

Find your user menu at the top of the page and to always have highlights, connectivity status and message pop-ups in sight.


Practical Flight Training Enhancements

Flight log enhancements are now available for the practical flight training module.

The enhancements improve the grading capabilities of individual mission assignments by providing an additional open comment input field for instructors.

The comment textbox allows for even more detailed reasoning on performance grading, as we believe that soft skills and attitude are of utmost importance in flight training.


Email Notification Upgrade

Practical flight training students now experience advanced email intercommunication.

The Subscription tab will allow you to select email notification for all practical flight training performance data. We have expanded the capabilities of our subscription center covering:

  • Attendance update
  • Daily ops report
  • Document expiry
  • Practical flight training performance

Please contact us to learn more.

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