October 14, 2014

Industry First Automated RNP AR NavData Validation Service Introduced

New service manages required data accuracy checks for operators

Garmin International Inc. and Jeppesen, a part of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, today introduced the RNP AR NavData Service, a new tool for pilots utilizing Required Navigation Performance – Authorization Required (RNP AR) procedures. The new service automates time-consuming data validation processes that are required for business, general and commercial aviation RNP AR flights.

An industry first, the RNP AR NavData Service automates the data accuracy checks required by FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 90-101A for operators flying RNP AR procedures. Previously, these data accuracy checks were performed manually, which consists of checking twenty parameters on every leg of an RNP AR procedure. On a typical RNP AR procedure, over 350 accuracy checks must be performed, resulting in over 4,500 time-consuming manual checks over the course of a year for a single procedure. For operators that fly three RNP AR procedures, this effort multiplies to over 10,000 manual checks per year. With the RNP AR NavData Service, this validation procedure is a part of the benefits delivered through an RNP AR NavData database subscription planned for select Garmin Integrated Flight Decks.

“Garmin and Jeppesen are helping operators realize the safety benefits and increased airport access afforded by flying RNP AR procedures,” said Carl Wolf, vice president, Garmin aviation sales and marketing. “The industry-first solution alleviates the need for operators to perform extensive manual accuracy checks, allowing more efficient operations.”

RNP AR procedures provide improved access to select airports in terrain or traffic-challenged conditions. Understanding multiple variables that take aircraft, equipment, and aircrew performance into account supports the evaluation and deployment of previously unattainable flight paths. This process opens access to airports and runways not previously served by instrument approaches and/or the relatively low minima typically offered by RNP AR approach procedures.

“This new service fills a need that has existed for optimizing required data check operations related to flying RNP AR procedures,” said Scott Reagan, director, Jeppesen OEM Client Management. “The data validation expertise offered by the two companies allows RNP AR-qualified aviation operators to be compliant with FAA requirements through a fully automated solution, which saves time and reduces costs for our customers.”

The proprietary methodologies, tools, processes, and procedures make this enhanced NavData service unique, through automation of data validation checks that are conducted during the data preparation process. Garmin approached Jeppesen to collectively develop this initiative that is approved by the FAA. This FAA approval ensures that Garmin, Jeppesen and operators using the new RNP AR NavData service meet the enhanced requirements for data integrity as outlined by AC90-101A.

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