April 15, 2015

Jeppesen adds Audio Warnings Feature to Mobile FliteDeck VFR, featuring Sennheiser Headset Technology

Other new VFR app functionality includes automatic flight time logging to simplify flying

Jeppesen, a part of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, recently teamed with renowned audio specialist and aviation headset provider Sennheiser to introduce automatic audio warnings as a new feature of its popular flight information solution for private pilots who fly under visual flight rules – Mobile FliteDeck VFR.

The new Mobile FliteDeck VFR audio warning functionality adds another data-driven, or real-time, presentation of flight information for pilots. Using Sennheiser’s leading S1 Digital headset, pilots are now able to connect to the app via Bluetooth wireless technology and receive real-time critical airspace and waypoint audio warnings. This enhances pilot workflow and reduces manual interaction and “head down” time while using the app on iPad

“The introduction of automatic audio warnings with Mobile FliteDeck VFR adds a new layer of situational awareness that reduces reliance on graphical visual warnings on screen,” said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen Aviation Portfolio Management. “Paired with Sennheiser headset technology, this new sound warning capability will help private pilots remain ‘head up’ while flying, especially in critical airspace and while monitoring waypoints.”

When flying in or near controlled airspace, pilots using Mobile FliteDeck VFR now will receive both visual and audio warnings to ensure pilot airspace awareness. Both “ping” style sounds and spoken word “airspace” warnings alert pilots to current airspace details. Similar audio and visual waypoint alerts also are now available if the pilot has defined route waypoints. Additionally, pilots are able to choose which audio alerts they would like to receive, providing an individualized experience.

“Coupling the clarity and personalized noise reduction of the S1 Digital with the audio cues from Mobile FliteDeck VFR increases the pilot’s confidence and comfort when flying in complex airspace. Sennheiser is proud to be associated with Jeppesen in this effort,” said David Dunlap, director, Sennheiser Aviation. “The Bluetooth interface to the App is just one of many advanced features of communication and comfort the S1 Digital provides.”

In addition to new audio warning capabilities, Jeppesen also has introduced automatic flight time logging, or “auto log” capabilities to further reduce pilot workload and enhance the “hands free” in-flight app experience.

Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck VFR is available for a free download and trial phase through the App Store on iPad or at www.itunes.com/appstore/. For more information on Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck VFR, videos, tutorials and insights into the design and development team, please visit www.jeppesen.com/flitedeck-vfr.

About Jeppesen
For more than 80 years, Jeppesen has made it possible for pilots and their passengers to safely and efficiently reach their destinations. Today, this pioneering spirit continues as Jeppesen delivers transformative information and optimization solutions to improve the efficiency of air and sea operations around the globe. Jeppesen is a Boeing subsidiary and part of the Digital Aviation business unit within Boeing Commercial Aviation Services. Boeing offers the industry’s largest portfolio of services, support and solutions, collectively known as the Boeing Edge, providing customers a competitive advantage by solving real operational problems, enabling better decisions, maximizing efficiency and improving environmental performance – intelligent information solutions across the entire aviation ecosystem.

About Sennheiser
The Sennheiser Group based in Wedemark near Hanover, Germany, was founded in 1945 and has gone on to become a leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems. Sales in 2013 totaled 590.4 million euros. Sennheiser employs more than 2,500 staff worldwide and operates plants in Germany, Ireland and the USA. The company has a worldwide network of subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Germany, Denmark (Nordic), Russia, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, and the USA. It also has long-established trading partners in other countries. Georg Neumann GmbH, Berlin, a maker of studio microphones and monitor speakers, and Sennheiser Communications A/S, a joint venture making headsets for PCs, offices and call centers, are also part of the Sennheiser Group. More up-to-date information about Sennheiser is available on the internet at www.sennheiser.com

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