January 19, 2011

Jeppesen Agrees to Five Year Charting and Flight Planning Service Contract with Air Atlanta Icelandic

Leading ACMI provider Air Atlanta Icelandic continues transition from paper to digital flight information through new agreement

Englewood, Colo. | 19 Jan 2011 | By Jeppesen

Jeppesen recently agreed to a five-year charting and flight planning service renewal contract with Air Atlanta Icelandic. Jeppesen solutions provided in the agreement include tailored digital charting services, including e-Link Online and e-Link for Windows and Jetplanner services for use with the carrier’s flight planning system. Jeppesen AirSide Service also is included in the agreement, which delivers pre-assembled, paper-based Jeppesen operational manuals, standard operating procedures and navigational charts directly onto the aircraft prior to each flight.

Air Atlanta Icelandic, a leading provider of aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance (ACMI) leasing agreements for other airline operators, continues its progression from paper to digital navigation information with the solutions provided by Jeppesen. As part of the agreement, Jeppesen will deliver tailored airway manual charting services for the carrier, which includes the Web-based e-Link tailored charting service, presented in a Windows operating environment.

“Air Atlanta Icelandic is preparing for a new era featuring a paperless cockpit and Jeppesen solutions help us transition from paper to digital navigation solutions,” said Ketill Gunnarsson, director, Flight Support, Air Atlanta Icelandic. “A long-standing relationship with Jeppesen and their understanding of our operational model has helped us deliver tailored solutions that increase efficiency for our operator partners, as we consider future electronic flight bag (EFB) implementation with Jeppesen.”

Jeppesen’s industry-leading flight planning services are included in the new agreement, which provides Air Atlanta Icelandic with Jetplanner services. The Jetplanner program displays optimized routing options, preferred routes and airport data. Jeppesen AirSide Service in the agreement eliminates the need for pilots to assemble revisions and transport paper-based navigational charts and materials, as Jeppesen manages revision filing and delivery of flight information onboard each Air Atlanta Icelandic aircraft.

“Jeppesen digital charting and navigation information delivery provides Air Atlanta Icelandic with flight-critical data that helps to streamline operations and reduce costs for their operating partners in a challenging economy,” said Thomas Wede, Jeppesen senior vice president and general manager, Aviation. “With a diverse fleet of aircraft and an ever-changing operations model associated with Air Atlanta Icelandic’s ACMI leasing, we are pleased to provide fleet-wide data continuity with accurate and timely flight information for this valued commercial aviation partner.”

Air Atlanta Icelandic operates a fleet of approximately 20 cargo and passenger aircraft, featuring Boeing 747-200, 747-300 and 747-400 models and Airbus 300-600R aircraft. For more information on Air Atlanta Icelandic operations, please visit www.atlanta.is.

For more information on the industry-leading commercial aviation charting and flight planning solutions provided by Jeppesen, please visit our navigation information solutions site

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