June 9, 2010

Jeppesen and China Cargo Airlines Agree to Five Year Digital Navigation and Flight Planning Service Contract

Largest cargo carrier of China signs new navigation and flight planning service contract

Englewood, Colo. | 09 Jun 2010 | By Jeppesen

Jeppesen has signed a five-year digital navigation and flight planning service renewal agreement with China Cargo Airlines, the largest cargo air carrier of China. As part of a comprehensive information solution suite provided for China Cargo Airlines, components of the service agreement include JetPlan flight planning, digital charting, electronic flight bag (EFB), data distribution management (DDM), weather and NOTAM services. China Cargo Airlines additionally implements Jeppesen OpsData aircraft performance analysis and international trip planning solutions to efficiently manage airline operations.

The service agreement with China Cargo Airlines solidifies Jeppesen’s position as the sole provider of JetPlan flight planning and digital charting services for all international cargo operators in China. China Cargo Airlines continues its transition to digital navigation information solutions through the agreement, which includes fleet-wide integration of installed EFB Class 3 services.

“Jeppesen provides a total mission solution which helps us increase operational efficiency through delivery of navigation and operations services that can be fully integrated throughout the company,” said Tian Ming Li, China Cargo Airlines assistant manager, Operations Center. “The combination of integrated Jeppesen flight planning, EFB and digital charting solutions allows us to receive information from a single source, which maintains continuity across our operations.”

The Jeppesen OpsData solution included in the agreement provides analysis of takeoff and landing performance and tailored airport departure procedures. This analysis allows the airline to maximize aircraft payload and comply with regulatory requirements. Additionally, digital weather and NOTAM information provides China Cargo Airlines with timely flight-critical data.

“Complete Jeppesen commercial aviation solutions work to enhance safety, reduce costs and streamline infrastructure for China Cargo Airlines and other carriers who deliver critical cargo on very tight global schedules,” said Gene Zhang, Jeppesen Aviation regional sales manager, China Office. “China Cargo Airlines is a valued customer and we are pleased to increase our services provided to create a customized solution suite targeted to meet their specific needs.”

China Cargo Airlines is a subsidiary of China Eastern Airlines, a leading global commercial air carrier. China Cargo Airlines operates 11 freighters through their cargo fleet. Shanghai Airlines Cargo International and Great Wall Cargo Airlines will be merged with China Cargo Airlines, which will expand the fleet size to more than 20 aircraft. China Eastern Airlines has more than 250 aircraft in its fleet and flies to 109 destinations all over the world.

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