October 19, 2009

Jeppesen Earns Reusable Software Component Acceptance Letter for Electronic Charts Integration Toolkit

Through a key acceptance letter from the FAA, Jeppesen electronic charts are integrated quickly and efficiently

Englewood, Colo. | 19 Oct 2009 | By Jeppesen

Jeppesen has received a key acceptance letter from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), thereby allowing Jeppesen electronic charts to be integrated quickly and efficiently with onboard aviation navigation systems.

The AC20-148 Reusable Software Component (RSC) acceptance letter is only the second such letter issued by the FAA, and is the first RSC for a platform-independent navigation component. Jeppesen’s RSC acceptance allows navigation system developers to incorporate Jeppesen electronic charts quickly and efficiently.

An RSC “pre-certifies” a software component, eliminating the need to re-certify the internal elements of the component each time it is implemented onto a system. This greatly reduces the overall certification requirement for systems hosting Jeppesen charts.

The latest version of the Jeppesen Integration Toolkit includes numerous improvements, including a smaller footprint and significantly more efficient computer memory management.

The Jeppesen Integration Toolkit is a complete, embedded Software Developers Kit (SDK), which reduces integration effort. When this acceptance letter is coupled with Jeppesen’s Avionics Integration Professional Services, OEM integration time is reduced to just months.

“This FAA approval is a significant milestone for Jeppesen and our avionics equipment manufacturing partners,” said Thomas Wede, Jeppesen senior vice president and general manager, Aviation. “It exemplifies our commitment to bringing our original equipment manufacturing partners to market more quickly with higher levels of design assurance. With RSC approval, customers can more easily integrate Jeppesen content into certified systems, resulting in both time and cost savings for our partners.”

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