March 14, 2011

Jeppesen Expands Commercial Airline Overlay Chart Library, Adding 400 New Charts for More Than 70 Locations and Enhances Chart Design

The additional 400 airport and approach charts provide commercial carriers with vital navigational data featuring enhanced visual display features

Englewood, Colo. | 14 Mar 2011 | By Jeppesen

Responding to commercial aviation customer feedback, Jeppesen recently introduced design enhancements to its industry-leading commercial airline overlay (CAO) chart library and has added 400 new airport/approach charts to the series for more than 70 global locations to benefit airlines operating worldwide.

The additional 400 airport/approach charts provide commercial carriers with vital navigational data that will be maintained and updated per Jeppesen commercial airline overlay chart standards. The CAO chart library enhancement project also introduces minimum sector altitude (MSA) data in the “planview” section of Jeppesen approach charts, enhancing situational awareness in the cockpit. Minimum sector altitude data also has been retained in the Briefing Strip section of Jeppesen charts to maintain pilot familiarity and to accommodate complex minimum sector altitude procedures.

Enhancements to the CAO chart series were developed as the result of collaboration with Jeppesen’s commercial aviation customers over the past year to determine preferred chart use and design features. Per additional customer request, a new Quick Reference Chart feature has been added to the Jeppesen CAO series, beginning with the February 18, 2011 revision cycle.

The new Quick Reference Chart feature will depict an accurate terminal environment that includes all conventional approach navigational aid data. To further increase situational awareness for pilots, the Quick Reference Chart data provides benefits to meet the unique needs of airline chart customers, including:

  • An overview chart
  • Chart for alternate locations
  • Electronic flight bag (EFB) supporting chart to reduce paper in the flight deck
  • Minimum Sector Altitude (MSA) data in planview section of charts
  • Area navigation (RNAV) Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR) data presented in conjunction with approach procedures information to the final approach fix (FAF)
  • Lowest descent limits for each instrument approach runway depicted on a single page
  • Basic runway information associated by a runway orientation sketch
  • Blank reverse side for adding tailored content such as airline company procedures

“Our global charting, standards and management teams have coordinated efforts to add 400 new terminal charts to our commercial airline series and to provide enhanced chart design features that are based on customer preferences,” said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen Aviation Portfolio Management. “This comprehensive chart expansion and enhancement process provides commercial pilots with increased situational awareness in the flight deck, through information that is readily accessible and in the chart locations pilots have requested.”

Jeppesen’s popular CAO charts were developed and introduced to the commercial aviation marketplace in 2005. The current enhancements to the series were developed in response to customer requests for additional specific chart data and increased coverage of airport locations served by airlines worldwide.

For more information on the industry-leading commercial aviation navigation solutions provided by Jeppesen, please visit our navigation information solutions site.

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