April 4, 2017

Jeppesen and Garmin Expand Garmin Pilot App Wireless Data Capabilities

Jeppesen charts now updated wirelessly through Garmin Flight Stream 510

AERO Friedrichshafen, Germany | 04 Apr 2017 | By Jeppesen

Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), and Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, recently announced new wireless data transfer capabilities for Jeppesen terminal charts that are accessed through select Garmin avionics and the iOS-based Garmin Pilot app. This development enhances the integrated data capabilities from the two companies that advance cockpit technology and improve the flying experience for general aviation pilots.

“The ability to provide wireless data updates streamlines the flight preparation process and allows pilots to take the skies more quickly,” said Scott Reagan, director, Jeppesen OEM Client Management. “This wireless data transfer capability illustrates how Garmin and Jeppesen work together to simplify the delivery of essential flight data to private pilots flying with Garmin avionics and Garmin Pilot.”

Pilots using the GTN 650/750 touchscreen navigator or the G1000 NXi integrated flight deck with Flight Stream 510 will now be able to wirelessly transfer Jeppesen terminal charts through the iOS-based Garmin Pilot app to their avionics systems. The Flight Stream 510 MultiMediaCard (MMC) from Garmin includes Database Concierge, the tool that transfers Jeppesen aviation database updates from the app to supported Garmin avionics.

“As we continue to pack more features and capabilities into Garmin Pilot, we’re excited to provide our customers around the world with a premier application that they can utilize throughout every phase of flight,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin vice president of aviation sales and marketing. “As our global customer base continues to grow, we are excited to further expand game-changing app capabilities, including wireless connectivity with Jeppesen and other enhancements that provide access to information for pilots to make the best informed decisions on the ground and in-flight.”

Jeppesen terminal charts can be viewed within Garmin Pilot from the charts page and in split screen mode alongside the moving map. Geo-referenced Jeppesen charts can also be overlaid on the moving map for seamless navigation.

An electronic Jeppesen chart subscription for Garmin Pilot is required to access Jeppesen terminal charts through the app. Customers interested in purchasing a Jeppesen electronic charting subscription may visit: www.Jeppesen.com/garminpilot.

Please visit www.garmin.com/aviation for additional information about the Garmin Pilot app for the general aviation community. For more information on the industry-leading navigation, operations, training and optimization solutions provided by Jeppesen, please visit www.jeppesen.com.

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