September 6, 2011

Jeppesen Manpower Planning Solution Helps Qantas Increase Efficiency of the Cabin Crew Scheduling Process

Qantas will integrate Jeppesen Manpower Planning services with Crew Pairing and Crew Rostering solutions already in place to help increase efficiency related to the cabin crew scheduling process

Englewood, Colo. | 06 Sep 2011 | By Jeppesen

Jeppesen, a unit of Boeing Flight Services, has signed an agreement with leading commercial carrier Qantas to provide the Jeppesen Manpower Planning solution to increase efficiency related to the cabin crew scheduling process for the airline. Long-standing Jeppesen customer Qantas will integrate the solution with its current Jeppesen Crew Pairing and Crew Rostering products already in use.

Jeppesen Manpower Planning is a system designed for the long-term planning and development of crew schedules, to balance crew management resources and to level peaks of crew scheduling demand. The manpower planning solution helps to simplify the complex process of crew scheduling management and offers a wide range of functions for crew planning scenarios and analysis.

“With a rich history of successfully using Jeppesen crew planning solutions such as crew pairing and crew rostering, Qantas will now benefit from adding Jeppesen Manpower Planning to our existing suite of products from Jeppesen,” said Paul Johnston, head of Cabin Crew Resourcing, Qantas. “Due to the complexity of Qantas information systems and dynamic cabin crew environment, we require a highly flexible crew management solution. We can now consider all crew activities using an integrated system, with the aim to achieve more precision in our cabin crew planning while reducing costs. This will minimize the effects of crew transitions, planning for necessary training programs and scheduling vacations more efficiently using the manpower planning solution.”

The Jeppesen Manpower Planning solution and other Jeppesen crew management functions are designed with an open and flexible framework that can be easily customized and integrated. This allows customers to create optimized plans/solutions, generate reports and manage data interfaces more efficiently throughout the entire crew planning period.

“The crew management solutions now provided by Jeppesen will give Qantas powerful decision support throughout their entire crew management process, from long-term forecasting to day-of-flight operations,” said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen Aviation Portfolio Management.

Business logic programming tools delivered with the solution make it possible for airlines such as Qantas to address new business requirements quickly in a dynamic economic environment. The ability to introduce and evaluate changes is included in the Jeppesen crew management solution and provides customization and scenario evaluation tools to quantify costs before actually advocating a change in the crew planning process.

The Jeppesen Manpower Planning solution considers numerous factors to optimize the crew planning process, such as the availability of pilots and cabin crew, recruitment plans, vacation planning, transfers, standby procedures and training requirements. Additional issues such as instructor availability, simulators, fleet changes, retirements and scheduled off-day patterns also are considered in the planning process to give customers a complete view.

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