March 11, 2010

Jeppesen Next-Generation Preferential Bidding System Successfully Launched at Continental Airlines

New Dynamic Bid Model solution enhances the crew planning process for the commercial aviation industry

Englewood, Colo. | 11 Mar 2010 | By Jeppesen

Jeppesen recently implemented a new dynamic bid model (DBM) solution at Continental Airlines, enhancing the airline’s crew bidding process through introduction of simultaneous optimization of both flight lines and reserve lines. The dynamic bid model is a version of Jeppesen’s industry-leading preferential bidding system (PBS) for crew planning operations.

The new DBM solution resolves issues with separate crew planning processes for active flying schedules, known as flight lines, and backup schedules, known as reserve lines. The dynamic bid model provides airlines with more flexibility in the awarding process by combining both line types together in the planning process.

This time-reducing process streamlines crew planning and enhances operational efficiency. The DBM solution also enables crew members to more accurately express their scheduling preferences, to help balance personal and professional time demands.

“The Jeppesen DBM solution developed in partnership with Continental Airlines has proven to be a state-of-the-art system that greatly enhances and improves our capabilities,” said Todd Brain, manager, Continental Airlines Crew Planning Support. “The ability to simultaneously optimize active flight lines and reserve lines streamlines our crew planning procedures and creates a more interactive environment to maximize crew preferences.”

The Jeppesen dynamic bid model solution was developed in coordination with Continental Airlines. After implementing a standard preferential bidding system solution with the airline, Jeppesen’s technical and professional services experts then teamed with Continental to identify areas of improvement for the preferential bidding process. The new dynamic bid model solution was implemented by the airline in January 2010.

“Combining flight and reserve lines in one optimization process constituted a formidable technical challenge,” said Stefan Karisch, director, Jeppesen Operations Research and Optimization. “We understood that solving this line combination problem would increase the value delivered to our customers. We would like to thank Continental Airlines for their invaluable contribution to the development of the Jeppesen dynamic bid model solution for the commercial aviation industry.”

For more information on the industry-leading crew optimization solutions provided by Jeppesen, please visit our crew services site.

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