April 8, 2015

Jeppesen to Supply Airport Data for Universal Avionics InSight Integrated Flight Deck

Jeppesen Airport Mapping Database to increase business aviation pilot situational awareness

Jeppesen, a part of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, recently agreed to supply its Airport Mapping Database as a new flight data element for the InSight Integrated Flight Deck from Universal Avionics. InSight is a new, feature-rich primary flight and multifunction display avionics system.

As part of the new agreement, InSight will be the first avionics system in the business aviation market to integrate Jeppesen Airport Mapping Database information. Paired with InSight Synthetic Vision System (SVS) capabilities, Jeppesen airport mapping data provides pilots with timely and accurate airport diagrams and other essential information in high resolution. This capability increases situational awareness and increases operational efficiency for business aviation operators.

“We are proud to have partnered with Jeppesen to be the first to bring this exceptional technology to the business aviation market,” said Dan Reida, Universal Avionics vice president of Sales and Marketing. “The realistic display of the airport environment is truly unparalleled,” he added.

The InSight system is designed as an integrated flight deck solution, featuring an embedded SVS with advanced mapping capability, electronic charts, radio control, broadcast weather support and graphical flight planning. The first installation of the InSight Integrated Flight Deck is expected to occur later this year.

“Integrating our airport mapping data with the InSight Integrated Flight Deck will enhance situational awareness for business aviation operators,” said Mike Abbott, director, Jeppesen Navigation & Flight Deck Programs. “The synthetic vision capabilities of the InSight system allows for display of dynamic airport diagrams and data to further enhance operational efficiency and reduce pilot workload.”

In addition to the new airport mapping data agreement, Jeppesen will also supply InSight with digital terminal chart data with ownship position capabilities, NavData navigation information, cultural data, and obstacle data to serve global flight operations. Universal Avionics terrain data also will be part of the integrated suite of flight information for the InSight system.

For more information on the industry-leading navigation, operations, training and optimization solutions provided by Jeppesen, please visit www.jeppesen.com. To learn more about the innovative Universal Avionics equipment for business jets, turboprop aircraft, transport aircraft, helicopters, regional and commercial airliners used by corporate, military and airline operators, please see www.uasc.com.

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