October 18, 2012

Jeppesen Teams with UK Based Gael Ltd to Enhance the Crew Fatigue Reporting Process

Jeppesen CrewAlert app is now able to automatically submit crew fatigue reports directly into Gael Ltd.’s Q-Pulse Safety Management System (SMS)

Englewood, Colo. | 18 Oct 2012 | By Jeppesen

Jeppesen, a unit of Boeing Flight Services, and Gael Ltd., a UK-based compliance management industry leader, have entered into an agreement to provide airlines with a new automated solution to report crew fatigue.

Through the new agreement, Jeppesen’s latest version of CrewAlert, an Apple iOS-application for Fatigue Risk Management (FRM), is now able to automatically submit crew fatigue reports directly into Gael’s Q-Pulse Safety Management System (SMS). This coordination allows airlines to create safety reports that aide root cause analysis when working to reduce crew fatigue.

The new solution aligns with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidance which states that airline crew fatigue reporting should be easy to access, complete and submit. The new fatigue risk solution also meets an ICAO recommendation to integrate a Fatigue Risk Management System into the normal safety reporting process in an SMS.

“Not only does Jeppesen CrewAlert simplify the fatigue reporting process compared to filling out legacy paper or electronic forms, but the airline safety team also will receive more detailed, higher quality information,” said Tomas Klemets, head of Scheduling Safety, Jeppesen Aviation Portfolio Management. “Working with Gael Ltd. has been very rewarding and our combined functionality uniquely bridges the gap between an FRMS and a SMS. All fatigue reports, even with the fatiguing event being pre-modeled using the Boeing Alertness Model, are directly submitted into the normal database, drastically reducing workload for safety departments and enabling a more thorough data analysis.”

The mobile Jeppesen CrewAlert application provides insight into how sleep science applies to crew schedules. CrewAlert is intended for use by crew schedulers, crew members, government regulators and scientists to determine predicted levels of alertness. CrewAlert allows for data, collected in actual operations, to be fed back into an airline’s FRMS to correlate with other pilot data.

“Gael Ltd. seeks to work with the top providers in the industry to ensure that our solutions meet and exceed the expectations of our customers,” said Ashley Marron, CEO, Gael Ltd. “Integrating the Jeppesen CrewAlert FRMS solution with Q-Pulse SMS enables a continued holistic approach to the improvement of safety within aviation.”

Further information on the industry-leading fatigue risk management products and services offered by Jeppesen for airlines can be found at www.jeppesen.com/frm. More information on the new Q-Pulse SMS functionality can found at http://www.gaelquality.com/Aviation/FRMS-Integration

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For more than 75 years Jeppesen has made it possible for pilots and their passengers to safely and efficiently reach their destinations. Today this pioneering spirit continues as Jeppesen delivers transformational information and optimization solutions to improve the efficiency of air, sea and rail operations around the globe. Jeppesen is a subsidiary of The Boeing Company. Jeppesen corporate information is available online at www.jeppesen.com.

About Gael Ltd.
Gael Ltd. is a software development company established in Scotland in 1992 with the singular focus of designing un-paralleled safety, quality and risk management software. Gael has over 300 customers worldwide within the aviation industry and over 2,500 customers covering other sectors including manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences. Gael was awarded a Deloitte Fast 500 award as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, Middle East and Asia in 2009 and 2010. The company is also ISO 27001 certified. Further details on the company are available at www.gaelquality.com.

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