May 6, 2010

Jim Terpstra, of Jeppesen, Honored for Leading Developments in Flight Information Technologies

Retired Jeppesen senior vice president receives the Airline Avionics Institute Pioneer Award.

ENGLEWOOD | 06 May 2010 | By Jeppesen

Jim Terpstra, retired Jeppesen senior vice president for Aviation Affairs and Flight Information Technology, has been honored by the Airline Avionics Institute for his leadership in advancing flight information technology and aeronautical navigation. Terpstra is only the ninth recipient of AAI’s Pioneer Award, which is designated for those who have made unique and lasting contributions to commercial avionics, and flight simulation.

During his career, Terpstra oversaw the development of many technologies which today are common navigational elements or techniques. He played a key role in the introduction of NavData® as a commercial product and, as the aviation industry has become increasingly data dependent, he has worked tirelessly to ensure the availability of data in common, consistent formats. He was a founding member of the group that would become the ARINC 424 Working Group, which sets standards for data formatting.

Terpstra also has been a driving force behind the industry shift from paper-based navigational information products, to electronic solutions. He led Jeppesen’s early adoption of computers to compile, draft and maintain aeronautical charts, and later led the development of electronic charts for use, both on the ground and in flight.

Terpstra also is a well-known and respected author and speaker. He is widely-known among pilots and others for the Chart Clinic, a series of educational articles he wrote for a leading aviation magazine, as well as for the forums he conducts at major air shows and events, in which he imparts his extensive knowledge about the nuances of charts, databases and the airspace systems pilots use them to fly in.

Terpstra is an experienced pilot, holding an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with single- and multi-engine ratings, and has flown more than 6,100 hours. He also is an FAA Gold Seal flight instructor.

“Jim is a tremendous leader,” says Mark Van Tine, Jeppesen president and chief executive officer. “Jeppesen and the industry as a whole have benefited from his willingness to share his knowledge and expertise for the betterment of the industry. His passion for aviation safety is principally one of his hallmark qualities.”

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