July 22, 2015

MYGOFLIGHT to Unveil an Affordable Heads Up Display Unit

Once the purview of military and large commercial aircraft, an affordable HUD has been developed that will bring this technology and capability affordably to all in aviation

Today, MYGOFLIGHT, maker of premium iPad and tablet gear for pilots, will unveil RECON1, an affordable Heads Up Display (HUD) for aviation. The pre-production unit will be operational and on display in their flagship store in Hangar B, booth #2143 during EAA’s AirVenture 2015 in Oshkosh. This is a full sized working unit to be used to convey the concept of the HUD and to finalize production specifications and materials.

“The HUD is here!” said Charles Schneider, CEO, MYGOFLIGHT. “After two years of development we have brought the concept to reality with the unveiling of RECON1, the first low-cost heads up display for aviation. The benefits of flying with a HUD are well known – align information a pilot needs to see with their line of sight. Our goal is to get all pilots with their heads up and eyes out during all critical phases of flight.”

“We are pleased that MYGOFLIGHT has chosen to use Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck to demonstrate the viability of its heads up display,” said Thomas Letts, Jeppesen product manager. “We support innovations such as this display technology from MYGOFLIGHT that promise to enhance situational awareness in flight.”

Incidents like runway incursions, landing at the wrong airport, departing from the wrong runway, feelings of vertigo from looking down during descent and the like will be able to be minimized and reduced to near zero with the use of a HUD.

The MGF HUD puts critical flight information directly in front of a pilot. The HUD uses a transparent display and specially designed optics that projects an image out in front of the pilot. This allows a pilot to be able to view information with their head positioned “up” and looking forward instead of angled down looking at panel mounted instruments.

MYGOFLIGHT will work with Apps developers, avionics electronics manufacturers and airplane manufacturers that are interested in this product to ensure compatibility and fit with their software, electronics and airplanes. The MYGOFLIGHT HUD will also act as a repeater to a pilot side HUD already installed so that the co-pilot can have the benefits of a HUD at a fraction of the cost.

HUD units available today installed cost roughly $150,000 or more. The initial price of the MGF HUD is expected to be under $10,000. Interested pilots, avionics shops, aircraft manufacturers and avionics electronics manufacturers should contact Charles Schneider on cschneider@mygoflight.com or call 303.364.7400 x111 to discuss.

MYGOFLIGHT builds iPad and tablet gear for pilots. MYGOFLIGHT’s cases, mounts, flight bags and accessories are well-made and make using the iPad or tablet in the cockpit safer, easier, and secure. MYGOFLIGHT products help pilots more effectively integrate their device seamlessly into the flight deck. All professional grade. All built to last. MyGoFlight’s modern flight bags are the first designed to protect the iPad or tablet and make storing and accessing gear simple. MyGoFlight products are highly functional and cool. Perfect for the airplane and everyday use.

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