August 23, 2012

Turkish Airlines Implements Jeppesen Crew Tracking Solution to Support Continued Strong Business Growth

With Jeppesen Crew Tracking, Turkish Airlines is now able to optimize management of nearly 8,000 crew members to increase operational efficiency

Englewood, Colo. | 23 Aug 2012 | By Jeppesen

Jeppesen, a unit of Boeing Flight Services, is now providing Turkish Airlines, the third largest international carrier in Europe, with its industry-leading Crew Tracking solution to help the airline manage its crew operations as the airline continues to expand its air service. Adding Jeppesen Crew Tracking to the crew pairing and crew rostering solutions from Jeppesen already in production, Turkish Airlines can now optimize the management of their nearly 8,000 crew members and enhance overall operating efficiency.

“Turkish Airlines have been able to speed up the planning process and reduce our operating costs thanks to Jeppesen’s Crew Pairing and Crew Rostering products”, says Dr. Temel Kotil, president and CEO of Turkish Airlines. “Now we are very pleased to have Jeppesen Crew Tracking in production after a short implementation period. The product will strengthen our ability to be in full control on the day of operation and bring cost savings that will increase our competitiveness.”

“Jeppesen Crew Tracking will nicely fit into the increasing requirements of our rapidly growing organization with its flexibility and easy-to-modify characteristics,” says Daniyal Aratekin, director, Crew Planning, Turkish Airlines. “We also expect a positive effect on revenue from allowing more and later aircraft swaps, which increases our ability to adjust passenger capacity.” Adnan Metin, CIO of Turkish Airlines added, “The Crew Tracking implementation project has been one of our biggest organizational change projects, and thanks to both Jeppesen and Turkish Airlines’ teams’ hard work and cooperation it has been a great success.”

“Turkish Airlines is one of the fastest growing commercial carriers in Europe and we are pleased to provide them with the top crew management solutions available to help reduce operating costs and increase on-the-job satisfaction for crew,” said Thomas Wede, Jeppesen senior vice president and general manager, Aviation. “The rapid implementation of our Crew Tracking solution with Turkish Airlines points to a strong commitment by their professional staff to integrate Jeppesen solutions into operation in an impressive collaboration.”

Turkish Airlines has operated with crew pairings optimized by Jeppesen since 2006. With the upcoming implementation of the Jeppesen Manpower Planning solution, Turkish Airlines will adopt a fully integrated crew management system. The full Jeppesen system will provide the airline with a dynamic and efficient method for planning, tracking and interacting with crew, spanning long-term resource forecasting to the detailed decisions on the day of operation.

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About Turkish Airlines
Established in 1933 with a fleet of only 5 aircraft, Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines is today a four-star airline company with a fleet of 184 aircraft flying to 199 destinations around the world, comprising 35 domestic and 164 international destinations. Turkish Airlines was named “Best Airline, Europe” by Skytrax in 2011 and 2012.

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