November 15, 2019

ForeFlight Mobile News

FLARM and ADS-B Traffic
ForeFlight Mobile can display FLARM traffic in addition to ADS-B traffic for improved situational awareness and inflight safety. FLARM operates via air-to-air transmissions over short distances, displaying basic information about any nearby aircraft’s heading, speed and altitude.

ForeFlight Mobile supports FLARM devices that use the NMEA or GDL90 protocols to deliver traffic information, as well as uAvionix’s SkyEcho 2 ADS-B and FLARM transceiver. The ADS-B and FLARM traffic is displayed in the Map View and in Synthetic Vision. Visual and acoustical communications appear when traffic nears.

You must purchase a FLARM Decoding License to display FLARM traffic when connected to a SkyEcho 2 via More information regarding ForeFlight Mobile connectivity to your avionics system as well as inflight traffic or weather receivers can be found at


High Resolution Basemap

ForeFlight’s new High Resolution Basemap dramatically improves the level of detail visible on the map. Notable improvements include:

  • Additional roads and railroads for increased urban detail
  • Improved coastlines for rivers, lakes and oceans
  • Additional landmark coverage such as forests and national parks
  • New terrain peak markers with associated altitudes for greater terrain awareness

ForeFlight will automatically download the High Resolution Basemap for your region when you update, so you can see the improvements right away. And you can also download the Basemap for global locations in More > Downloads.

Watch the Video

Beginner’s Webinar – November 26, 2019

Join us Tuesday, November 26th at 19:00 CET for a presentation covering the fundamentals of flying with ForeFlight Mobile. Pilots like you will learn how to set up and navigate the ForeFlight app, locate airport information, review weather, build a route, brief and file a flight plan—and more. An overview of recently added features will also be covered. As a new or existing user, you can expect to gain ForeFlight expertise for use on your very next flight.

Register for the webinar here.

One comment on "ForeFlight Mobile News"

  • Thomas says:

    It is so sad!
    Jeppesen or Boing don‘t seem to be interested to keep their loyal customers.

    Sonce last June — 8 Months now— I am trying to get some important questions answered. But all my repeated enquiries are just fobbed off with standard phrases!

    For instance, does fore flight contain all the reqoured maps that let you fulfill your legal duties to have all relevant maps with you?

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