March 23, 2020

ForeFlight News

Updated Airspace Styling

– ForeFlight’s Aeronautical Map has updated styling to make it easier to identify and differentiate airspace in Europe. Learn more about the changes here.

Runway NOTAMs in Procedure Advisor

  • Procedure Advisor now warns you of runway closed and other NOTAMs affecting airports in your route, giving you easier access to critical flight planning information.

New Route Constraints: IFR Pickup/Cancel Points

  • When planning a Y or Z flight plan in Europe, you can now specify IFR pickup and cancel waypoints to automatically include these in your filed flight plan.

New Route Constraints: Include/Avoid Waypoints & FIRs

  • Customers with ForeFlight Performance plans can further customize their route with more advanced constraints for the Recommended Route.
  • The new constraints allow you to specify any waypoint, navaid, or airport that must be included in or excluded from your route, using the Include Waypoints and Avoid Waypoints constraints, and specify any FIR that your route must not cross using the Avoid FIR constraint, helping you to reduce overflight fees and steer clear of dangerous airspace.

Altitude Slider Auto Mode

  • Reduce your inflight workload by having ForeFlight automatically move the altitude slider for altitude-based weather layers, such as Winds Aloft, Icing and Turbulence, to match your current altitude.

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