March 23, 2020

Mobile FliteDeck VFR is Discontinued

Mobile FliteDeck VFR was sunset March 15, 2020, and is replaced by ForeFlight Mobile. We are truly honored by the loyalty and your passion for this product.

With the sunset of Mobile FliteDeck VFR, we continue to offer our high-quality Jeppesen charts, available as follows:

  • Avidyne IFD & EX series plus their IFD 100 app
  • Bendix King AeroNav
  • EuroAvionics EuroNav
  • ForeFlight Mobile
  • Garmin G1000 & GTN series plus their GarminPilot app
  • Jeppesen Mobile FD app
  • Jeppesen JeppView & JeppView MFD, for desktop and most cockpit solutions

To discuss your flying needs and find your best options, please contact us at: For further information about ForeFlight, please review our previous General Aviation Newsletters or visit:

3 comments on "Mobile FliteDeck VFR is Discontinued"

  • Sipke Tol says:

    Last year I discontinued my Jeppesen Mobile Flight Deck VFR and replaced it by ForeFlight Pro Plus + the Bottlang VFR Electronic Charts Europe.
    In due time my subscription Jeppesen Mobile Flight Deck IFR/Annual Electronic Chart Services Europe JV IFR coverage comes to an end. So I have to make a decision to continue my Jeppesen subscription or to replace it by ForeFlight Pro Plus + Jeppesen Elecronic IFR charts Europe.
    What are the most important differences between the Jeppesen en the ForeFlight solution/possibilities ?
    Best Regards,
    Sip Tol.

  • Bertrand says:

    What a shame to discontinue such a good software !

  • Ehry, Peter says:

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