April 23, 2020

ForeFlight News

Here is your latest ForeFlight news.

3D Approach Preview

  • 3D Preview now displays markers for each waypoint in your route, including labeled approach fixes, allowing you to better visualize every step of your approach down to the runway.
  • 3D Preview also displays each waypoint along your route using the same labeled markers as shown on the map, including speed and altitude restrictions for approach fixes that have them. The translucent “curtain” representing your route is also colored orange, magenta, or blue to indicate past, current, and future legs as you play through the route.
  • 3D Preview also features an interactive Navlog in the top-right (or at the bottom of the screen on iPhone), allowing you to view each waypoint and the distances between them. Tap on any waypoint in the Navlog to jump to that leg of the flight.
  • 3D Preview is available with ForeFlight Performance plans.

Quick-Access Airspace Frequencies

  • Easily locate frequencies for many kinds of controlled airspace by tap-holding on the map to see them listed in the Add to Route popup.
  • The Airspace section of the popup shows at least one frequency for each terminal control zone at the place where you tapped, and you can tap into the details of an airspace to reveal more information and any other frequencies associated with it.
  • The Add to Route popup also now includes European FIS airspace with associated frequencies.

New Basemap Elements

  • ForeFlight’s High Resolution Basemap includes new terrain and cultural elements such as mountain passes for Europe and the U.S., cables and gondolas, labels for major motorways, and additional bodies of water for improved inflight reference.
  • Enable and download the High Resolution Basemap for any region in More > Downloads.
  • Mountain pass and cable icons are oriented to indicate their direction, and also include the pass name and elevation in feet. Like mountain peak markers, you can enable or disable mountain passes and cables using the switch in Map Settings > Terrain.

Expanded Jeppesen VFR Data Coverage

  • ForeFlight’s Aeronautical Map includes new Jeppesen VFR data covering Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia.
  • Jeppesen’s digital VFR data includes VFR waypoints, entries and exits, traffic circuits, VFR routes, and more, and is included in the “Nav Database Supplement – Europe” download.

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