May 5, 2020

Jeppesen Site Keys Explained

Jeppesen site keys are associated with Jeppesen electronic chart products, and allow a certain number of applications (iPad/iPhone- or PC-based) to access an electronic charting service. The Jeppesen site key numerical value represents the number of apps that can access the charting subscription.

A 16-character serial number is associated with your chart subscription, while site keys are eight characters and are only generated when the chart subscription is activated within an app. Site keys can easily be deactivated if you ever need to associate your subscription with different apps and devices.

Jeppesen site keys do not apply to avionics devices specifically, meaning the avionics do not use up one of the allotted site keys. Therefore the ability to display charts on the avionics is unrelated to site keys.

However, avionics electronic chart services do include site keys so you can apply the same charting coverage to your favorite app, including ForeFlight Mobile, Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck, Garmin Pilot, Avidyne IFD100 and more.

Popular site key configurations include one or four apps depending on what electronic charting service options and region(s) are selected. This also may include bundles, such as Jeppesen PilotPak for Garmin avionics and Avidyne bundles.

You can manage your site keys on and in some cases directly from the application using the site key, such as ForeFlight Mobile.

Here are some helpful support links:

Note that Jeppesen electronic chart subscriptions purchased through ForeFlight do not use Jeppesen site keys. Instead, ForeFlight uses their own entitlement method. For individuals, ForeFlight allows two iPads and one iPhone to view Jeppesen charts. If you purchase electronic charts from a Jeppesen account to view on ForeFlight Mobile and separately purchase Jeppesen charts through a ForeFlight account, then the application can only use one source or the other—they cannot be combined.

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