June 18, 2020

ForeFlight news Internet Traffic & many UI improvements

Internet Traffic via FlightAware

In partnership with FlightAware, stream live global aircraft traffic directly in ForeFlight to analyze airport activity, check on an active flight, and more.

Internet Traffic is tied to the same Traffic map layer used to display ADS-B traffic, and that layer is now accessible any time you have an internet connection on the ground. The layer will automatically switch to showing only ADS-B traffic when you connect to an external ADS-B In device.

ForeFlight displays both airborne and ground traffic received via the internet just like it does ADS-B traffic, with altitude and tail number available at a glance, and many other details available with a tap for most traffic targets.

ForeFlight uses the distinct position reports received from FlightAware to interpolate each airborne target’s movement and display it smoothly on the map.

Internet Traffic is included in all ForeFlight subscription plans.

Slide-Out More Menu and Edit Tab Order

Tapping the More tab in the bottom-right now displays a compact menu on the right side of the screen so you can view it without leaving the page you’re on.

Downloads, Settings, and a number of infrequently-used tabs appear as modals that you can quickly dismiss by swiping down from the top. Other tabs such as Checklist and Logbook open in full screen, double-column layouts on iPad to better utilize available screen space.

The last tab you opened from the More menu is always available just to the left of More with the new “Dynamic” tab, allowing you to quickly jump between that and your other tabs.

Tap “Edit Tab Order” in the More menu to rearrange ForeFlight’s tab bar however you like, including tabs that were previously only available in More. Tap “Reset To Default Order” to undo your changes.

Tab order does not sync between devices, allowing you to have different setups on iPad and iPhone to match how you use them.

Other Notable Enhancements

ForeFlight on iPhone now supports the FPL “Bubble Editor” on Maps, dedicated Plate and Scratchpad views, and all other previously iPad-only features with the exception of Profile View.

Airports: the Frequencies, Services, A/FD, and More tabs have been combined into a single “Info” tab; the Forecast Discussion is nested under the TAF section; and the airport popup on Maps now uses the same layout as the Airports view itself, providing faster access to Procedures, Runways, and more.

Maps: the Edit, NavLog, and Profile buttons have moved to the right edge of the FPL editor; hide or show the Aeronautical Map’s quick filter buttons on the left side of the screen using the new “Quick Filters” setting in Map Settings.

Support: new tab available just above About in the More menu, with links to support resources on ForeFlight’s website and the in-app Pilot’s Guide.

Multitasking Support on iPad

ForeFlight on the iPad now supports iOS Multitasking, allowing you to use ForeFlight in Split Screen or Slide Over with other apps at the same time.

To open ForeFlight in Split Screen with another app that supports it, open either of them, swipe up slowly from the bottom of the screen to show the iOS dock, and drag the other app’s icon from the dock to either side of the screen and release it. Drag the separator between the two apps to change their relative sizes, or dismiss one app by dragging the separator all the way to one side of the screen.

Open ForeFlight on top of any app that doesn’t support Split Screen using Slide Over. Drag the ForeFlight icon from the iOS dock to the center of the screen instead of either side and release it.

Aircraft Type Restrictions in Procedure Advisor

Procedure Advisor displays aircraft type restrictions for SIDs and STARs so you can quickly identify suitable procedures for your aircraft.

Colored tags for Piston, Turboprop, and Jet aircraft appear beneath procedures that are restricted to the aircraft types shown.

Webinars showcasing these features are available for viewing here:






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