June 18, 2020

Introducing savings options with our new Charting & Planning

NavSuite to be discontinued 31-Dec 2020

For more than two decades, customers have benefited from NavSuite which combined our flight planning product FliteStar and our charting product JeppView at a reduced price. With the discontinuation of FliteStar, NavSuite will also be discontinued on 31-Dec 2020. ForeFlight Mobile is the recommended successor for FliteStar users, giving you even more saving options, paired with a huge range of state-of-the-art features and functionalities, along with the option to use our Jeppesen charts in ForeFlight Mobile.

The new partnership offers:

  • No initial costs for the flight planning package – only pay for the update service
  • No time consuming and (expensive) physical delivery – all at your hands nearly at once
  • JeppView comes still with four installations (for computers and mobile devices)
  • ForeFlight Mobile has three different versions – please check the features for each version at: https://foreflight.com/pricing/
  • NavSuite was a computer-only solution, ForeFlight Mobile can be used on iPad and iPhone, as well as on desktop computers, offering more flexiblility in time and place.

Generally, the more regional your coverage need is, the higher your savings will be with the new partnership. Here are some sample prices for annual update services in Euro (plus local VAT):

For flying VFR in France:

  • Before with NavSuite: 625,25 Euro
  • Now with JeppView VFR France & ForeFlight Mobile: 119.00 + 94.99 (Basic version)*

For flying VFR & IFR in Germany:

  • Before with NavSuite: 1.101,15 Euro
  • Now with JeppView VFR & IFR Germany & ForeFlight Mobile: 620.00 + 179.99 (Plus version)*

For flying IFR all over Europe:

  • Before with NavSuite: 3.255,30 Euro
  • Now with JeppView IFR All Europe & ForeFlight Mobile: 2.049,00 + 269,99 (Performance version)*

In case you are affected, please contact us as soon as possible as we would like to avoid any interruptions for your services and operations.

Maybe you have an Avidyne or Garmin cockpit unit, which could be integrated now in your update service or you are interested in different regions – let’s discuss your needs: fra-services@jeppesen.com

If you need business or dispatch solutions, please contact: team@foreflight.com 


*2020 prices – prices subject to change.

One comment on "Introducing savings options with our new Charting & Planning"

  • Wolf-Gunter Steinmetz says:

    Since I am currently using a different software on my iPad with integration of Jepp-Charts via my Jepp-View subscription: Will the prices for Jepp View remain the same or is there also a reduction?

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