January 13, 2020

Mobile FliteDeck VFR and iOS 13.3

Good news for customers of “Mobile FliteDeck VFR” whose service is still running after the 31-DEC-2019:

As a follow-up to our December newsletter, Mobile FliteDeck VFR 2.4.2 is now compatible with iOS 13.3 and will continue to offer service through March 15, 2020. Please be aware that:

  • Mobile FliteDeck VFR will remain available in the Apple App Store
  • Regular updates of the navigational data will continue
  • Weather service remains available
  • Technical support will no longer be provided

For further information, please contact us at: fra-services@jeppesen.com

2 comments on "Mobile FliteDeck VFR and iOS 13.3"

  • Rudolf Delius says:

    The mobile flight deck VFR is so much better than foreflight VFR that it is a great pity that you are stopping it. The warning of upcoming restricted areas and C + D airspaces during the flight is important. Also the tapping of an area to see the details of the altitudes etc. is a very good tool. All that is missing in foreflight.

  • Volker Neumann says:

    Great, I don´t like foreflight and will change the company if Mobile flightdeck is not availible any more.

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