January 13, 2020

New GTN PilotPak 4 Site Key Bundle

Paired with a “Nav Bundle,” our current Garmin GTN PilotPak Bundle offers more than 90 IFR charting coverages and in excess of 30 VFR charting coverages. As a new alternative, we are happy to offer the “GTN 4 Site Key PilotPak.”

Main characteristic:

There is a given selection of CHARTING coverages in combination with our “normal” nav coverages with fixed prices.

Garmin’s new GTN Xi series:

The new GTN 4 Site Key PilotPak bundle includes the new Garmin GTN 650 Xi and GTN 750 Xi avionics.

At “International,” there are various charting options.

You can select three coverages out of the given list and the price will always be the same.

This is a valid alternative in case you are not flying solely in one continent, but crossing two or three continents.

In case you are crossing several continents, “worldwide” might be the better choice.


Next to “Americas & MIL” and “Worldwide & MIL,” “International & MIL” offers three non-MIL plus two MIL coverages.

System ID:

To place your request, we need to enter all System IDs for all Avionics units per tail. Please have this information ready.

Coverages & Prices:

Please, contact at: fra-services@jeppesen.com if you require:

  • Smaller coverages such as “Germany,” “France,” “Italy,” “United Kingdom,” “Scandinavia,” and others, or:
  • Only our “Navigation Bundle” without charting, or even just some components of our “Navigation Bundle.”

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