September 23, 2020

New Jeppesen Customer – Part 4: Getting access to your data

First: We want you to be safe. Thus, your data transfer also needs to be safe and secure.


You need to have: 


  1. Your personal Jeppesen login
  2. Access to our download tool JDM
  3. Special hardware (for some types of service)
  4. Product related aspects (for some types of service)
  5. A way to manage your installations



  1. Your personal Jeppesen login:


Your login or credentials are:

  • Username       (which is your email address)
  • Password        (which you entered during your registration)


  • Your login is needed to have access to:


  • Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM) for your downloads
  • manage your installations via
  • purchase the needed service on our Jeppesen web-shop
  • display your Jeppesen charts with apps for ForeFlight, Garmin or Avidyne



New customers without Jeppesen account need to register


We recommend you register yourself, so that only you know your password and only you get access to your data.


Please make sure that this email address has not been used for another Jeppesen account, for example: a private versus a company account, historically an older account or a shared account, etc.


Important: For most of Garmin’s avionics units, you need to provide the System ID of each unit – without the correct System ID you have no access to your data. Two units have two different System IDs.

To find your System ID, please use:



  • Customers with Jeppesen account need to log in:


If you have already downloaded data via our JSUM or JDM, nothing changes for you generally.


In the rare case that our system should not recognize your credentials, please use the following instruction, so that only you get your username – password combination and only you get access to your data: – “Account and Billing” – “How do I log in using existing credentials for my Jeppesen Marketplace account.”


If you have a Garmin service and have not previously logged in to our new web-shop, please do so, to store the relevant System ID(s) of your Garmin unit(s). Not doing this could lead to a denial in access at the start of the next renewal period.



  1. Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM) for your data updates


JDM is our avionics software update program for Mac and Windows OS and replaced our legacy Jeppesen Services Update Manager (JSUM). With your login you get access to your data.


JDM for Windows:


JDM for Mac:


JDM for iOS Mobile devices:

(Available on the App Store)


With the provided Garmin System ID you have access to unlimited downloads. In case a download or transfer should fail, please refer to topic 4 of this Newsletter to get a solution.



  1. Hardware to get access to your data


Skybound Adapter

This is the physical connection between your Garmin avionic data cards and the USB port of a Windows computer or of a Bad Elf Wombat device to transfer your data.


Bad Elf Wombat

Download your avionics databases to your iPad with JDM Mobile. Connected to the portable Bad Elf Wombat, update avionics media wireless at the aircraft’s site. The Wombat has slots for Skybound Adapters, USB sticks and SD/Micro SD cards.


Garmin FS510

Garmin’s Flight Stream 510 is a multimedia card including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It allows wireless database transfers via Garmin Database Concierge using the GarminPilot app without removing your data card from the airplane. Available for GTN Series, G1000 NXi, G2000/3000/5000, G500/G600, G500H (via GTN unit), and GNX 375/GPS 175 (via GTN unit).



  1. Product related aspects for your access


JeppView / JeppView Multi-Function Display:


Access to the initial data set and program:

  • A link with software and coverage data and a 16-digit alpha-numerical serial number will be provided
  • If you have internet issues, we could ship a DVD
  • If you have an exchange device (computer or iPad), we need to send you a refreshed link for your initial download. To preserve the number of your installations, please look also at 5.


Access to additional coverages:

  • You need to get a coverage code to have access to your new coverage on a PC or a laptop that you are already using, if you need to access the extra coverage within 24 hours.
  • You need to do an update as soon as the servers have been refreshed if you are using iPads.
  • If you need to purchase an additional coverage please contact us to link your serial number, which will grant access to all coverages.
  • If you need to install the new coverage(s) on a new device, please ask us to send you a refreshed download link.



Jeppesen Charts on Avidyne’s IFD100, ForeFlight Mobile and GarminPilot


Having a Jeppesen account with electronic charting gives you access to the charts in each of these apps via your Jeppesen credentials.

In the case of ForeFlight Mobile, please make sure to purchase all Jeppesen charts either from Jeppesen or from ForeFlight. In case of questions, please contact us at





If you purchased one of our eBooks, please open the following link to get access to either iPad, PC or an Android device:

If you need to exchange your iPad, contact us to grant access to a new device.



Boeing Courseware Books (former Peter’s Software):


You will receive an e-mail with download link, username and password. If you need to exchange your iPad contact us to grant access to a new device.



  1. Manage your installations / Site Keys


If you need to exchange your device, you should deactivate the installation from your old device first to free up the site key. Therefore, please visit with your credentials:



Last, but not least:

As some of these topics are very detailed, you can get more and deeper information, links, and process descriptions step-by-step via: or contact us at

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