July 14, 2020

New Jeppesen Customers: Part 2 – Our coverages

Welcome to part 2 of our introduction series for new customers.

The General Aviation audience is a mix of many different pilot needs, especially in Europe with all its very fragmented National and European Aviation Authorities. We provide different offerings to help meet your regional flying needs as much as possible. One part of this is your coverage.

“Coverage” means a geographical area where we offer certain types of data.

To best meet your charting needs, you need to choose one or more coverages. For a new pilot, our coverages may appear complex which is related to our historical product development and our cooperation with other major market players to create holistic solutions for pilots.

Coverages can differ a lot:

  • Between Charting and Navigation – or in terms of “bundles,” where both are integrated in a price-reduced offer
  • Between IFR and VFR – especially if you need both
  • Between different Avionic suppliers, for which we offer data
  • Between different product versions in our product range ( e.g. paper versus electronic charting )

We are happy to help you with identifying the best coverage and solution at the right price – contact us at fra-services@jeppesen.com.

VFR Charting:

  • Currently we still offer 30 single country coverages, 17 regional coverages and an all-Europe option (with some differences between paper and electronic charting).
  • Prices range between 75.00 Euro and 296.00 Euro (plus local VAT) for an annual service and include 13 updates to keep your service current.

IFR Charting:

Currently we can offer 62 “regional,” “international” or “continental” coverages.

Enroute Charting:

For all continents, and also transcontinental, Enroute chart coverages go beyond national borders and geographical boundaries. There are “Low,” “High” and “High/low” Enroute charts, which go along with IFR charting coverages.


  • Depending on the Avionic supplier, the Avionic unit and the data service type, we have either international/continental or global coverages, .
  • We are in the position to offer coverages for both older and for brand-new units.
  • Identical coverage names might differ in the selection of countries related to the Avionic supplier. Please let us help you to identify your best coverage for your individual needs.

Advanced Flight Systems: 7 coverages

Aspen: 2 coverages

Avidyne: up to 18 coverages

Dynon: 11 coverages

FreeFlight/Trimble: 11 coverages

Garmin: at least 19 coverages

Genesys/Cobham/Chelton: 3 coverages

Grand Rapid Technologies ( GRT ): 11 coverages

L-3 Communications: 1 coverage

MGL Avionics: 11 coverages

Sagem: 4 coverages


  • Bundles always combine an international/continental Avionics coverage plus smaller or bigger charting coverages at a reduced price.
  • A charting coverage is smaller than an Avionics coverage; several charting coverages might be bigger than your original Avionics coverage and you might consider a bigger Avionics coverage.

Special case “Central Europe”:

  • IFR charting “Central Europe” contains 23 countries
  • VFR charting “Central Europe” contains 10 countries
  • As some countries in the VFR coverage are not part of the IFR coverage, you may wish to contact us to find the best VFR & IFR combination to meet your flying needs
  • The Central Europe Avionics coverage contains not only the entire European continent, but also parts of Russia and of Northern Africa

Similar situations exist also for other European coverages. Let us help you!

Trip Kit coverages:

  • You may have an annual service for your coverage where you regularly fly. If you want to fly now for a Business Trip or for vacation to an area that is out of your regular coverage, we can offer you trip kits.
  • This could mean you only need a charting “trip kit” – however it could also mean that you need a new or bigger Avionics coverage.

Sometimes, our offerings and coverages may appear complex.  However, we hope this shows you that we can help you with our experience and deep understanding of our product landscape and the special aspects around coverages. Please contact us any time at fra-services@jeppesen.com

Please also feel free to check our new web shop (https://shop.jeppesen.com/shop/). There you need to register first to find Avionic coverages for your needs. Additionally, not all products, like paper and special charting products, are published yet. Alternatively, our catalogue with all products might be a very good resource with its more than 180 coverage depictions.

Topics coming in the next Newsletters: Why Jeppesen charts – information/purchase/service – payments & financials – access to your data – events/specials/cooperation – change needs

Please stay tuned or contact us ahead.

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