August 17, 2020

New Jeppesen Customers: Part 3 – Why Choose Jeppesen Charts and Data?

Welcome to part 3 of our introduction series to new customers!

There are many different aviation charts in the market, either as paper or as electronic versions; some are only national, others are international, but not all are covering all airports; most need to be purchased, some are free-of-charge; there are the versions of national authorities and those of profit-organizations; etc.

Why should you choose Jeppesen charts and data?

1. Main characteristics

– We have globally more than 18.600 airports in our records
– Coming from 246 providers in 195 countries ( in 24 languages and many different formats )
– Error-checking every chart with up to 16 data-verifying calculations
– Leading to 47.000 data changes per AIRAC cycle
– And 2.6 million Jeppesen Aviation Data records to offer you

One global harmonized Jeppesen standard

– Whatever airport charts you have in your hands, the same information is always at the same location and, especially in flight critical situations, you are not losing time to find the correct information and to act accordingly
– Crossing country borders our information stays the same (information format, symbols, color codes, etc. )

Take advantage of:

– Jeppesen’s more than 80 years of experience around all relevant internal and international processes and
highly experienced specialists and aviation enthusiasts
– Chart data updates on a 7 – 28 day cycle
– Jeppesen data available from “standard” format to tailored charts to ARINC 424 databases

2. IFR Chart Enhancement projects increase your Jeppesen experience

As we always strive to increase your positive Jeppesen experience with our charts and our data, one aspect of these enhancements refers to a new design of SID and STAR procedure charts. The philosophy behind this chart enhancement initiative is to help increase situational awareness, reduce heads-down time and lower the likelihood of inadvertently violating flight restrictions.

As each chart has to be built up new from scratch, it means that for some time there are 2 standards, the older “legacy” one and the new one ( currently around 75% fulfillment ).

Please have a look on the ten enhancements on the depiction below. Some of the more notable ones include true-to-scale depiction, the addition of terrain, and the distinctive use of color.

Human factors testing confirmed the intuitiveness of this tremendous effort to offer you even better data in all your flying situations:

GA NL - New Jeppesen Customer - why jeppesen charts - LSGG

The following webinar can offer you a more detailed introduction as well:

Please also feel free to have a look at our “Introduction to Jeppesen Navigation Charts”, where all aspects of Jeppesen texts and charts are explained in detail.

For new customers we are happy to set up a trial version of our electronic charting – just contact us at

3. Jeppesen’s one global standard in different media and in cooperation partner products

The following products contain IFR charts with the enhancements:

• Jeppesen paper Airway Manuals
• JeppView and JeppView Multi-Function Display
• Avidyne IFD 400 & 500 Series Service Suite Bundle with Jeppesen charting
• Avidyne IFD100 app with Jeppesen charting
• ForeFlight Mobile® app with Jeppesen charting
• Garmin PilotPak™ for Garmin G1000 and GTN Series with Jeppesen charting
• Garmin Pilot® and some of Garmin’s AERA units with Jeppesen charting
• Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck (IFR) app

Of course, our VFR charts also have the same one global standard. In paper, as well as in electronic products; in our applications, as well as in the applications of our cooperation partners.

4. Notices and Alerts

Apart from NOTAMs, there might be also some changes on your Jeppesen chart or Nav Data that we received without enough notice or are only valid for very short time: Chart Change Notices and NavData Change Notices. With the following link you can easily check whether on your route or on your charts new changes could affect your trip:

Related to our Jeppesen VFR Manual (Bottlang®), our printed revision service includes Chart Change Notices every 28 days, but the following link provides you weekly updates to always keep you current:

You additionally can register to our alert subscription, which informs you automatically related to your selection of alerts you are interested in (data type, region, etc.):

Topics coming in the next newsletters: change needs – information/purchase/service – payments & financials – access to your data – events/specials/cooperation.

Topics in the previous newsletters, in case you missed them: product range – coverages.

Please stay tuned for more information.

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