July 26, 2019

Product, Feature and Invoice Updates

Recently, we began to fill our new web store with fresh products and features. We plan to showcase them in coming issues of our General Aviation Newsletter.


One such feature, Pay Your Invoice, directs you to a form where you can pay your “invoice” or “renew invoice” anytime, anywhere. Currently Master Credit Card and Visa Credit Card are accepted. Please select only the currency printed on your “invoice” or “renewal invoice.”

2 comments on "Product, Feature and Invoice Updates"

  • Donald P Coleman says:

    Please cancel my account. Aircraft was sold a year ago.

  • Etienne Temmerman says:

    I tried this and it failed horribly. In my experience most of your web and online things are incredibly weak. Please hire some knowledgeable internet people and user interface designers. And properly test your stuff before releasing it.

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