July 14, 2020

Save Money & Time: Bad Elf Wombat for your Avionics Updates

A familiar situation: you are in the plane and want to fly and your data card is at home or vice versa, you are at home but your data card is still in the Avionic or you have poor internet connectivity at your hangar. To avoid unneeded commuting or having to purchase several data cards, you might be interested in another solution:

Bad Elf’s Wombat: wireless flight database updates for your avionics memory cards.

Until 31-AUG-2020 you can get the Wombat Piston Edition for $50  off by using the following link and the promo code SPRING50. Wombat can be purchased only directly from Bad Elf and also shipped from them.


The Wombat supports most common media types, like Garmin Data Cards via the Skybound Adapter, USB as well SD and MicroSD.

Supported Avionics:

Advanced Flight Systems Genesys Aerosystems
Aspen Avionics Grand Rapids Technologies (GRT)
Avidyne L3 Communications
Dynon Avionics MGL Avionics
Euroavionics Sagem
Garmin (including G1000/2000/3000)

If you have different cockpit units, the Wombat will “feed” all types and not just one type of one Avionic supplier.

The Wombat also functions as power bank and can fast-charge most iOS devices.

The process:

It is simple as: download -> connect -> transfer:

  • Start with JDM Mobile, log into your account and download updates to your iPad or iPhone
  • Connect your iPad or iPhone to the Wombat’s Wi-Fi network. Insert your USB, SD, or NavData card (via the Skybound Adapter) into the Wombat.
  • Use JDM Mobile to transfer pending updates to the card.
    Remove the card, insert into your avionics, and fly!

For more detailed information, please refer to this PDF. Bad-Elf-Detailed-Help


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