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The Flight Data Analytics team is pleased to announce that Maintenance Lifecycle Operating Cost (MLOC) analysis is now available in Self-Service Analytics for customers to access directly!


For the past two years, Boeing Airplane Maintenance Engineering analysts have been using Maintenance Lifecycle Operating Cost (MLOC) to speed up the identification of top cost-driving issues that require further investigation.


MLOC measures the unscheduled maintenance burden cost for operators as a relative index to identify the issues driving higher costs. Using the data provided through the In-Service Data Program along with other datasets, MLOC analyzes and synthesizes cost component data from a variety of sources: Maintenance Logbook, Schedule Interruptions, AHM, Component Removals, Shop Data, Boeing Communication Systems, and Logbook/ISDP MEL record sourcing. These cost components are then normalized by airplane utilization, producing an index score in terms of dollars per flight hours, measuring the relative operational cost of an unscheduled maintenance issue.

Since using MLOC, one of our Boeing Field Services Representatives said, “The way MLOC integrates multiple sources into a single metric helps me quickly assess and compare issues to each other. MLOC can even highlight issues and trends, which other data and metrics may miss, such as repeated low and medium-impact events that comprise a higher overall burden than more prominent one-off events.”


Now, Self-Service Analytics customers can access the MLOC index report directly to view top issues and trends in their operation and compare them to how the industry fleet is doing on average. New reporting views and capabilities are also expected to be released in early 2021.

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