May 6, 2020

Switch to JDM Mobile and get $50 off Bad Elf Wombat

Jeppesen JDM Mobile and Bad Elf Wombat provide pilots with an efficient way to update and manage their aviation databases for their avionics. Manage from an iOS device in the cockpit, at home, or anywhere with mobile connectivity. And now, Bad Elf Wombat Piston Edition is available for $50 off until August 31, 2020 by clicking here and using promo code SPRING50 at checkout.

Designed for pilots with simplicity in mind, Jeppesen JDM Mobile, in conjunction with Bad Elf Wombat, simplifies downloading and updating your Jeppesen avionics data services for Garmin, Avidyne and more on your iOS device without having to leave the cockpit of your aircraft. Purchase Bad Elf Wombat Piston Edition before August 31, 2020 using SPRING50 during checkout at the link below to save $50!


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