December 1, 2017

San Jose helps kids learn to ice skate

This week we were able to go over to San Jose’s Downtown Ice and welcome the children from Arbuckle Elementary School to their very first ice skating event which we had sponsored. The children rode over on the public buses accompanied by teachers and parents. They came from kindergarten, first and second grade classes and most of them had never seen an ice rink before, let alone skated on one.

We helped them put on skates, and a couple of us skated with them to help them get confident on the ice. It was a very gratifying experience to see them have so much fun learning to get their ‘skating legs’. They persevered and most of them were skating by the end of the session with very big smiles on their faces. The parents, teachers and children were all very grateful for the opportunity, which they said would not have happened without us.

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