March 29, 2012

Enhanced Jeppesen Training Programs Now Offer a Complete Solution for Preparing the Next Generation of Pilots

Complete, customizable Jeppesen training solutions are now available for flight schools, instructors and students

Englewood, Colo. | 29 Mar 2012 | By Jeppesen

Jeppesen, a unit of Boeing Flight Services, now offers complete, customizable training solutions for flight schools, instructors and students. The complete Jeppesen program offers flight training courses and business management functions designed to increase training efficiency. Working to improve student pilot retention rates from sport to commercial aviation and to address an expected future pilot shortage, enhanced Jeppesen solutions provide a more efficient training experience, increase pilot proficiency and accelerate student pilot progress.

Complete Jeppesen training solutions available for flight schools, universities and certified flight instructors allow student pilots to achieve private and commercial certificates as well as instrument and multi-engine ratings. Web-based delivery of enhanced courses designed to meet today’s student learning needs include Jeppesen Sport Pilot Online, Private Pilot Online, Instrument Pilot Online and Commercial Pilot Online. Web-based Jeppesen training courses allow student pilots to work according to their own schedules and offer realistic scenarios and multi-media learning strategies.

“Building on our heritage as a trusted resource for pilot training materials and courses, Jeppesen now offers a complete solution for both students and flight training organizations,” said Julie Filucci, senior manager, Jeppesen Aviation Training Solutions. “Spanning sport to commercial pilot training, Jeppesen is proud to partner with leading flight training organizations to prepare the next generation of pilots taking to the skies, backed with Jeppesen’s complete training solutions, which are optimized for today’s learning and a challenging business environment.”

Recently introduced training products from Jeppesen have bolstered complete training solutions offered for student pilots. These elements include the Jeppesen Aircraft Total Training solution suite for intensive learning of specific aircraft models and the development of companion guides used to supplement course materials. The Jeppesen SkyManager system provides flight training operators with business management resources such as online scheduling, professional accounting, maintenance tracking, real-time dispatching and more. Jeppesen SkyManager tools allow flight training organizations to place their focus on customer training instead of business management concerns.

“Boeing is focused on consistently providing an edge to the aviation industry as it strives to meet demand for hundreds of thousands of new pilots globally,” said Roei Ganzarski, chief customer officer, Boeing Flight Services. “With this great offering through Jeppesen, we are providing an unparalleled solution to provide initial training for the pilots of tomorrow.”

Complete training solutions offered by Jeppesen also eliminate the need for flight training organizations to draw upon multiple resources for training materials, as bundled, customized curriculum and student-purchased elements are offered directly from a single provider. Jeppesen provides pilot supplies, test preparation materials, e-learning programs, training program syllabus guidelines and industry-leading IFR and VFR charts as part of customizable and complete training solutions.

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