October 11, 2017

Jeppesen and Honeywell to Offer Airport Mapping Database and New Data Bundle Services, Including Regional Packages

New Data Available Initially with Installed Honeywell Avionics for Pilatus PC-24 Operators

NBAA Exhibition & Conference, Las Vegas, NV | 11 Oct 2017 | By Jeppesen

Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, together with Honeywell, today introduce an enhanced data package for the companies shared Integrated Navigation Data Services (INDS) for installed Honeywell avionics. First available for operators of Pilatus PC-24 aircraft, the INDS solution will now feature a database in support of Honeywell’s Airport Moving Map (AMM) capabilities to enhance situational awareness, powered by the Jeppesen Airport Mapping Database (AMDB).

The companies also today introduced 11 new INDS bundled service options for Pilatus aircraft, to provide operators with size and coverage options to better fit customer needs. For Pilatus PC-12 aircraft operators, small and large regional data will be offered, while longer-range PC-24 operators will be able to choose from large regional and worldwide navigation data coverage options.

Honeywell and Jeppesen customers use INDS services with installed Honeywell Primus Apex and Epic INAV Integrated Flight Deck avionics and a mobile app which manages cloud-based, wireless data updates when paired with data gateways such as Honeywell’s Wireless Data LAN Management Unit (DLMU-W) or the Aspen Avionics CG-100 Connected Panel. The INDS data manager (IDM) mobile app delivers wireless download and upload of navigation databases, easy access to subscription service information, advanced filtering and auto-login functionality. Overall, Honeywell and Jeppesen provide a suite of worldwide navigation information for Honeywell’s Primus Epic™ INAV and Apex avionics systems.

“Extending the INDS relationship with Honeywell to include Jeppesen airport data is an important development that will enhance the flying experience for our customers,” said Scott Reagan, director, Jeppesen OEM Client Management. “The introduction of new regional coverage bundled data services will better suit the flying requirements of PC-12 and PC-24 operators, instead of offering a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to INDS data coverage options.”

INDS navigation services are available to users of Honeywell Epic INAV and Apex avionics, in standard and enhanced bundle data packages. Standard data packages include NavData, charts, obstacle, cultural and terrain data and a base-level mobile app. Enhanced data options include the standard package, plus the new airport moving map and in the future a pro-level mobile app, to further increase operational efficiency.

For more information on the INDS iPad app, please visit www.EPICINDS.com. For more information on the industry-leading navigation, operations, training and optimization solutions provided by Jeppesen, please visit www.jeppesen.com.

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