October 10, 2017

Jeppesen to Provide Flight Data for Honeywell GoDirect Flight Bag Pro Service

Trusted Jeppesen data bolsters mobile GoDirect user experience on iPad for business aviation operators

NBAA Exhibition & Convention, Las Vegas, NV | 10 Oct 2017 | By Jeppesen

Boeing [NYSE: BA], through its subsidiary Jeppesen, today announced its digital aeronautical charts and navigation data will be included with the iOS-based Honeywell GoDirect™ Flight Bag Pro electronic flight bag (EFB) application for business aviation operators.

The Honeywell GoDirect Flight Bag Pro mobile app allows business aviation pilots to create flight plans, view weather conditions and access flight briefing information through a single user platform.

“A strong majority of Honeywell GoDirect Flight Services customers in the business aviation arena are also Jeppesen customers, so including Jeppesen flight data and information with the GoDirect platform simplifies access for this shared customer base,” said Scott Reagan, director, Jeppesen OEM Client Management. “We want to ensure that Jeppesen data is available across the preferred avionics and flight operations platforms used by pilots and crews worldwide, and this GoDirect agreement extends our mutually beneficial relationship with Honeywell.”

Jeppesen navigation data (NavData) is developed from a comprehensive aviation database, which is composed of more than one million records. To ensure accuracy, Jeppesen flight information analysts edit and verify approximately 150,000 database transactions generated from worldwide aviation data source documents during every 28-day revision cycle.

For further detail on the industry-leading navigation, operations, training and optimization solutions provided by Jeppesen, please visit www.jeppesen.com.

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