April 15, 2011

Jeppesen Recognized By Denver International Airport For Developing Required Navigation Performance Procedures

Travis Vallin, Metro Denver Aviation Coalition chair; Kim Day, manager of aviation, Denver International Airport; and Mark Van Tine, president and chief executive officer, Jeppesen

Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedures will help to improve the flow of traffic to and from the airport.

ENGLEWOOD, CO | 15 Apr 2011 | By Jeppesen

Jeppesen recently was recognized by the management of Denver International Airport (DIA) with a 2011 DIA Partner in Innovation Award for work Jeppesen is doing to develop Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedures that will help to improve the flow of traffic to and from the airport.

RNP is a type of performance based navigation that allows aircraft to fly very precise paths between three-dimensionally defined points, and which includes requirements for navigation performance monitoring and alerting aboard the aircraft. Because RNP allows aircraft to fly precisely defined paths, both laterally and vertically, it can dramatically increase usable airspace, airport capacity and throughput, while offering reductions of flight time, fuel burn, greenhouse gas emissions and aircraft noise footprints. RNP and performance based navigation are key elements of future air traffic management concepts such as NextGen in the United States and SESAR in Europe, and have the potential to bring economic, environmental and safety benefits to airports, airlines and the communities they serve.

Jeppesen and DIA, in concert with the FAA and other key stakeholders, are developing arrival, approach and departure procedures which will directly benefit DIA and airlines serving it, and indirectly benefit all users of terminal airspace in the Denver area. In addition, Jeppesen is working with the FAA and the aviation community to ensure that all have a full understanding of what RNP is, the benefits of it to airspace users, and how aircraft operators may qualify to use RNP procedures.

“The redesign of Denver’s airspace is a top priority as we plan for the future, and Jeppesen is an invaluable partner in that effort,” said Kim Day, DIA aviation manager. “Improving the flow of DIA’s air traffic will provide enormous efficiencies across the board. We applaud Jeppesen for the advancements they’ve made in this area and we look forward to working together for years to come.”

“Performance based navigation, which includes RNP, is a fundamental element of future air traffic management systems around the world,” said Mark Van Tine, Jeppesen president and chief executive officer. “In addition to making possible more precise vertical and lateral navigation, which will significantly increase airspace capacity, RNP offers important environmental benefits as well. We are very pleased to partner with DIA for this important project and are certainly honored by their recognition of Jeppesen.”

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